Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Would You Move to a Mars Settlement? Explain

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Two astronauts wearing space suits and holding hands as they stand on a red rocky surface and look out at miles of dead, red stone and red mountains in the distance. This may be Mars as there is no vegetation or animal life to be seen anywhere. The two people are the only living creatures to be seen. Well, it depends on the specifics of the situation!

My answer to this week’s question is yes if:

1) Everyone I love is coming with me,

2) The settlement has been established for long enough that they’ve figured out how to protect people from radiation and the many other dangers that would come from living on Mars. Life expectancy on Mars would need to be the same as it is here on Earth,

3) We would all be free to return to Earth on the next available flight back there if we’d had enough,


4) There was something mind-blowing to experience in person there. For example, maybe there is life on Mars that can be interacted with safely? That would make a trip there worth it for me.


My answer to this week’s question is no if: any of the above items aren’t true or if I have any other indication that living there would be unsafe for any other reasons.

Basically, I’d want a lot of other people to be the guinea pigs and iron out all of the creases in Martian living before I thought about moving there.



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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Would You Move to a Mars Settlement? Explain

  1. Well thought out. The biggest problem would be gravity. Spend any time in that low a gravity environment and you’d have a problem coming back to Earth with its higher gravity.

    • Oh, for sure! I have no idea how we’d correct for the much lower gravity there. Star Trek talked about artificial gravity on some episodes but never explained how that might work.

  2. I like how you think, Lydia. Yes, yes, yes on the idea of plenty of guinea pigs.

  3. Stephen @ Reading Freely

    I’m much the same. Explore it, yes — visit it, sure. But I like the green and blue of Earth too much to move to the Red Planet!

  4. My gut instinct was to answer “no” to this one, but you did address a lot of my concerns. I’m still worried that I would have a miserable time on the flight over, though, so I would add a caveat that other people who get seasick have been able to provide me with tips on how to make the journey enjoyable. No matter how amazing the experience of seeing Mars would be, I can’t imagine wanting to do it if it meant being motion-sick on the long trip there and back.

  5. Berthold Gambrel

    Like I said on Pat’s blog, I wrote a book about people living on Mars, with a woman from Mars as the main character, so I feel almost like I’d have to do it if it were an option. 😀

  6. It’ll be interesting to see how this poll goes. I suspect the majority of bloggers will say “If…”

  7. I like your reason for going. Never thought about going after it has been long established just that it was like the beginners trip. Puts it in a little different perspective.

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