What Makes You Feel Refreshed?

beach-holiday-vacation-caribbean-largeI just arrived home from a relaxing vacation in a warm, tropical place.

My pale, German skin soaked up as much sunshine as it possibly could without getting burned or otherwise damaged by UV rays. (Ha!)

If  I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm sun on my skin. Even the harshest Canadian snowstorm can’t chase that memory away.

The ocean looked just like the water in this photograph. I wish all of my readers could have seen it for themselves. It is so interesting and odd to be surrounded by sparkling water that is this particular shade of blue-green.

Ontario lakes are much deeper shades of blue, and they’re almost always filled with algae and other water-clouding things. Being able to see the bottom of a body of water was unfamiliar and beautiful.

My days were full of relaxation. I swam quite a bit. I read. I took long walks. I ate mounds of delicious fruit, which is my favourite thing in the whole world to have for any meal of the day. I laughed while playing silly card games.

In short, it was a perfect trip.

What makes you feel refreshed? I’d love to hear your answers, big or small!

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