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Interview with Berthold Gambrel

Welcome, Berthold! He was the third person to respond to my speculative fiction interview post, and I’m thrilled to share his answers with you today.  What was the first speculative story you ever remember reading? A children’s adaptation of a science fiction story called “The Legion of Space.” The original story (which I’ve never read) is… Read More

If You Love Speculative Fiction, I Want to Interview You

I’ve decided to try something new on my site. This was loosely inspired by what Downright Dystopian started doing with her interviews earlier this spring. I’m hoping I’ll be able to tap into a new audience since I’m focusing my questions on people who like speculative fiction and have multiple social circles that don’t seem… Read More

Go Wish Long and Short Reviews a Happy Anniversary!

Long and Short Reviews, my favourite book review site, is celebrating their 11th anniversary this week. They’re publishing special guest posts every day between now and Friday. They will also be giving away dozens of prizes, including a $100 Amazon gift card. I hope you’ll all check out their celebration this week and enter into… Read More

Things I Learned While Publishing

This is a guest post from Stephen Lomer.  Let’s start off with an establishing statement: I never once considered going the traditional publishing route with Stargazer Lilies or Nothing at All. Never. Not once. Other authors may be seduced by the potential for big-money contracts and the marketing clout of the big publishing houses, but… Read More