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People Aren’t Projects

Originally posted on March 11, 2013.  “Let’s go talk to the street preachers!” Drew teased this past weekend. I raised my eyebrow and glanced over at him, trying not to roll my eyes. Muslim, Jewish or Christian, street evangelists in Toronto share the same goal: to convert you. Certain groups loudly berate (female) strangers they… Read More

Anger Isn’t a Destination

There are a lot of things in this world that rightfully stir up anger,  but this isn’t a post about them. Neither is this a post about not being angry. Sometimes you need to get mad about the injustices in this world. A well-placed rant can be a great way to grab people’s attention and… Read More

I’m Happy to Visit, but I Don’t Want to Stay

A while back Drew and I were talking about weekend plans. The thing we were planning on doing required much more travel time than we normally commit to on weekends, and as we discussed it I felt my stomach tense up. I really didn’t want to tie up an entire day with this particular get-together.… Read More

Can People Change?

Barring a serious brain injury could you wake up tomorrow, decide to change your personality and successfully go through with it? There was a time when I thought this was possible but with every passing year I believe more and more strongly that we might be able to change our minds about specific issues – religion,… Read More

How to Apologize When You Don’t Think You Were Wrong

Recently some new readers have found this blog using phrases like, “a person wants to apologize but doesn’t think they were wrong.” I wish we had more details about what’s happening in their lives. Since this didn’t happen here’s are a few questions I recommend asking yourself for future readers who find On the Other… Read More

How to Restore a Broken Relationship

On Thursday I’ll be blogging a review of the new Hobbit movie. In the meantime this search term lead new readers here recently. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist but I challenged myself to answer the question in exactly 50 words. What have I missed? 🙂 First you have to figure out what isn’t working… Read More

What is the Purpose of Gossip?

Someone found this blog recently through this question. Let’s talk about it. Gossip serves a couple of different purposes: It provides information about the target.  If what everyone is saying is true “gossip” may provide valuable knowledge about the character of the individual being discussed. I pay closer attention when multiple people tell the same story about… Read More

You Don’t Have to Like Everyone

Recently a friend and I had a conversation about the difference between treating others with respect and liking them as people. My friend was worried about disliking someone they knew for what I consider to be quite valid reasons. I reassured my friend that it’s ok not to like everyone you meet.  After all, friendship… Read More