The 2024 Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Topics

An image of a laptop sitting on a wooden table. The large text reads Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge. In the white box below, the topics for each week in 2024 are listed.

Long and Short Reviews has released the list of topics for their sixth year of Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge posts. All of the details on how to participate can be found on their site.

If you’re having trouble reading the graphic above, scroll down for a transcription of the weekly topics. I plan to participate every week and hope to see you all over there next year.


January 3 – Hobbies I Used to Enjoy

January 10 – A  Celebrity I’d Like to Meet

January 17 – New Words I’ve Learned Recently & Meaning

January 24 – Languages I’m Learning or Want to Learn

January 31 – Series I Wish Had Just One More Books in Them


February 7 – Things I Like to Do on Stormy Days

February 14 – What’s New in My Life Lately

February 21 – Pets I Used to Have (or Wish to Have)

February 28 – How I Amuse Myself in Waiting Rooms


March 6 – Non-Fiction Books I’ve Read Lately

March  13 – A Book Trope I Wish Happened IRL More Often

March 20 – A Book Trope I Wish Wouldn’t Happen IRL

March 27 – An Interesting Story About Family or Friends


April 3 – Books on My TBR List the Longest

April 10 – A Moment I Wish I Could Relive

April 17 – Introvert vs. Extrovert: Which One Are You?

April 24 – Songs That Confused Me When I Was a Kid


May 1 – Villains I’d Root for Instead of the Protagonists

May 8 – Books/Movies/TV Shows I Wouldn’t Revisit and Why

May 15 – Funny Things I’ve Googled

May 22 – How I Feel About Staycations

May 29 – Museums/Galleries I’ve Visited/Want to Visit


June 5 – Books That Are Tearjerkers

June 12 – Characters I See Differently Now Than I Used To

June 19 – Things I Totally Misunderstood as a Kid

June 26 – A Skill I Wish More People Had and Why


July 3 – My Thoughts on Social Media

July 10 – Do You Enjoy Shopping? Why or Why Not?

July 17 – Something You Might Not Guess About Me

July 24 – A Sport I Want to Try

July 31 – Would I Stay in a Haunted House? Why or Why Not?


August 7 – Funniest Advice I’ve Received

August 14 – Things I Wish More People Talked About Openly

August 21 – A Book I Wish Were More Popular

August 28 – A Funny Animal Video, Photo,  Story, ect.


September 4 – Things I Like/Dislike About the Mystery Genre

September 11 – Books With Fantastic Endings

September 18 – Books That Should Have Ended a Different Way

September 25 – Describe Your Sense of Humour


October 2 – A Genre I Want to Read More Of

October 9 – Something That Was Better When I Was a Kid

October 16 – Something That’s Improved Since I Was a Kid

October 23 – What I Do When I’m Bored

October 30 – Superstitions I Secretly Believe In/Find Interesting


November 6 – Things I’ve Learned from Another WWBC Blogger

November 13 – My Thoughts on the Mystery Genre

November 20 – How I Spend My Weekends

November 27 – A Musical I Liked


December 4 – Something I Wish Would Come Back Into Fashion

December 11 – Myths or Legends From Where I Live




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