Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved So Much I Had to Get a Copy for My Personal Library

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A kindle surrounded by leaves, acorns, and yellow autumn flowers. I don’t own a lot of books due to how amazing my local public library is, but here are some I loved that I do own in ebook form.

If I’ve written a review for a particular book, the link will take you to my review of it. In all other cases, it will go to Goodreads instead.

1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

2. My Evil Mother by Margaret Atwood

3. The Visitor by Mark Lawrence

4. The Reluctant Familiar’s Guide to Christmas Tree Defence by Bethany Hoeflich

5. Safer at Home by Zoe Cannon

6. Boo and the Boy by Wayne Barrett

7. 1NG4 by Berthold Gambrel

8. The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

9. The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

How many of you also have wonderful local libraries? I hope all of you can say yes to that question!


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  1. I have wonderful libraries, too, but I do keep some favorites…just to look at them.

  2. Aren’t libraries great places? Mine has been known to do Interlibrary loans for me, and of course, those books get super special treatment as I don’t want to mess it up for other people.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  3. Great list. Same for Becoming and The Testament: I have them in audiobook and ebook respectively, but I’d love to own them at some point.
    Here is my TTT:
    Have a great week 🙂

  4. I love my local library! Since I ran out of space for many physical books in my current flat, I have really got to using the library, and use my blog kind of as an e-shelf to display for myself what I’ve enjoyed…
    I haven’t read any on your list (yet!) but have my eye on The Testaments and The Paying Guests.

  5. I also don’t own a lot of books, because my local public library is AMAZING.

    Hope you’ll visit my Top Ten Tuesday list!

  6. Becoming was such a great book. Totally get why you bought that one.

  7. I love how your picture adds an air of fall. : )

  8. I have a good local library system, but I also like having my own personal library. (Partly because I enjoy re-reading books, so I like having them at home already for when I want them.) Becoming was a really great book, and I’m glad that’s one that I bought as well.

    My TTT:

  9. Jo

    My mum got me a copy of Becoming for Christmas so I read it in physical format, but I have heard that the audiobook was amazing.

  10. We don’t HAVE a library. So I rely completely on Book Club, secondhand book shops and my kindle… I have lots of books!!

    I actually haven’t read any of the books on your selection day…

    Thanks for the visit earlier and I hope you will enjoy the rest of your week.

  11. Becoming is on my TBR, I really want to listen to it on audiobook!

  12. I’ve really been meaning to pick up some Sarah Waters books sometime. I’ll keep The Paying Guests in mind. 🙂

  13. Our library is pretty good plus I have a county card which includes a number of different libraries that I can visit and borrow from.

    I have so many books that I have bought and haven’t yet read, but library books keep grabbing my attention!

    Have a great week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  14. The bank account may not like it, but it’s always fun to discover a book we enjoy that much. 🙂

  15. I really want to read Becoming Michelle. She’s such a heroine of mine. I’m glad you liked it well enough to buy your own copy. 😀 Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

  16. Ebooks are a great way of owning a book without it taking up much space! I’m glad you enjoyed these.

  17. Becoming is such a wonderful book.

    I had not heard of 1NG4; I will grab the Kindle edition later this month – looks super good.

  18. I do have a fabulous local library. I have heard a lot of good things about Becoming, but haven’t ever looked into it. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. Have a great week!

  19. I do love my library so much! It makes it so I only *have* to buy a copy of a book if I do really love it and want one for myself. ^.^

    Here’s my post for the week!

  20. I’ve heard amazing things of Becoming and I just haven’t picked it up yet! I’d better move it up on my TBR!

  21. Curious to know more about My Evil Mother. It’s certainly a title that catching one’s attention.

  22. My local library is amazing and has such a great selection of books, plus they have really cheap sales which is where I get most of my books lately. I’m looking forward to reading Testaments soon!

  23. Nice list. I plan to read/listen to Becoming very soon.

  24. I do love my public library! I try to get my books from there whenever possible. I love that Becoming in on your list — I listened to the audiobook (from the library), but then wanted a copy of my own too.

  25. I really miss the days when I lived somewhere that had access to a library. Definitely one of the perks of living on that side of the world 😂 I haven’t read any of these books but I do have Becoming on my TBR and after everything I’ve heard about it, I can’t wait to get to it. Great list!

  26. I don’t have a good library here and even before, I lived abroad and had to buy many of the books (I usually try to find used copied) and I always go for paperbacks but “Becoming” is one of the books I had to get right away and therefore even own a hardback.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT this week.

  27. Everyone says how great Michelle Obama’s book is but I don’t really read that many memoirs or nonfiction but I’m sure it’s a great book

    Being able to borrow books from the library is quite wonderful. So like you, I really don’t have the need to buy many books.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT. Have a lovely day.

  28. I have a wonderful library but it doesn’t stop me from buying books (or now downloading them on my kindle:) I haven’t read anything on your list but think that Paying Guests is on my knidle.

  29. I’m lucky enough to have access to two local library systems (city and county). But if it’s a book I think I may need quotations from for a review, I’ll order (from the library) a print book rather than an ebook. I know Goodreads saves my Kindle highlights even after a library ebook has expired, but I just like to be able to go back over the pages while composing a review (unless I’m just doing a summary rather than a full-on review). Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, Notes in the Margin.

  30. I’m a library girl too. I have been buying books only after I read and love them now. It’s my visual cue to help me remember a book i loved and what I loved about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  31. It’s quite a compliment to a book when it’s one of only a few you’ve purchased! Even though I love dystopian books, I’ve never read anything by Atwood. I’ve tried with THE HANDMAID’S TALE a couple times and just can’t get into it.

    Yay for libraries! I have access to both city and county libraries. Between the two, I can pretty much get any book I’m looking for. It’s lovely, although I admit that I still buy a fair amount of books…the struggle is real 🙂

    Happy TTT (on a Sunday)!


    • Happy TTT to you as well!

      I’m glad you have access to such great libraries. Atwood has written plenty of non-dystopian books, but of course it’s totally okay if you can’t get into her writing style at all. 🙂

  32. I used to have, up to about the turn of the century.

    Well…my idea of a great library: I was talking with a successful business owner. I thought he sounded as if he’d gone to a good state university, so asked where he’d gone to college. He said, “I dropped out of school after grade eight and went to work in a coal mine until I was old enough to join the Army. I got my education from library books.”

    That is not the currently prevailing trend for public libraries in the US.

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