Top Ten Tuesday: Changes in My Reading Life

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While I was coming up with this list, I tried to make everything fit the same sentence structure. It bothered me just a little bit that I had to break that pattern for one of my answers.

There are five genres I read less of these days and five I’ve started to spend much more time exploring.

I Read Less Poetry

I Read Less Horror

I Read Less Fantasy

I Read Less Romance

I Read Fewer Series and Long Works


I Read More Biographies

I Read More Hard Science Fiction

I Read More History

I Read More Hopeful Fiction, Scifi or Otherwise

I Read More Science

In general, I find that I’m becoming more interested in books that talk about real-life issues (even if the plots themselves are fictional) and have a faster-paced structure than what I read when I was in school. It’s also nice to find authors who take a hopeful but realistic approach to their topic, whatever that topic may be.

This isn’t to say that I dislike poetic passages or metaphors. A few of them sprinkled into a book are nice, but I’m not as thrilled about reading an entire novel’s worth of that sort of thing as I used to be.

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  1. Great list! I’d really like to read more non-fiction soon, I just haven’t been in the mood for it this year which makes me a little sad – hopefully I’ll rediscover my love for it in the year. =)

  2. It’s really nice to see that, now, you’re looking for books that give more information and also help you grow as a person. That’s a win in change if you ask me.

  3. Great list, Lydia 🙂 It seems like you’ve really figured out what you’ve been enjoying more and I can definitely say the same. I’m also more critical of what I read now, as I used to read quite mindlessly (which isn’t always bad too I suppose)!

    My TTT post

  4. Interesting list. I didn’t think of long reads–I used to LOVE big honking books. Book clubs and cost have limited most new books today to about 300 pages (a few exceptions). Gone With the Wind or even Outlander, if published today, would be 3 or more books!

  5. Great list Lydia! My genre tastes are pretty similar to what they’ve always been, but I do find myself reading less series. Too much time investment!

  6. I find this topic so interesting, especially seeing how interests criss-cross over time and new genres are being discovered. I’m a recent fantasy reader so I’ve been partial to the poetic passage. However I get what you mean and need a non-fiction for every 2-3 fic/fantasy reads.

  7. Interesting! I think for a lot of readers, the focus and types of books we like to read vary over time.

  8. I love history! I should read more but I’m always reading thrillers lately it seems like, or YA or something. I’ve been reading less fantasy too, which used to be my go-to.

  9. I feel like I’m the flip of you, reading more of what you are reading less of and vice versa. Although there are a few biographies and autobiographies I’ve been wanting to read lately. I may have to add them back to my mix.

  10. I read more nonfiction too. I find that I’m a little tired of recycled fiction tropes, but nonfiction is so open you can always find something new.

  11. Congrats to you, i want to start reading more real life stuff but i find it kind of boring or i have not found the right one.

  12. Exploring new genres is amazing, I hope you’re loving them!! I really want to get more into Sci-Fi and Historical books! I’ve spied some amazing ones recently, but with the state of my tbr…. ha!

    Here’s hoping I get round to trying more genres next year!

    Happy Reading!! <3

  13. I’ve actually wanted to venture more into horror than before. I used to steer clear of it because I didn’t want to be scared but now I’m wondering if it might be fun. Also, definitely feel you on the hopeful outlook when it comes to fiction. To me, it’s become important to soften the bad things so to speak.

  14. I still love all the romance-y novels. But of course, like any genre, there’s some I have zero interest in. 🙂 Hope all of these changes are good things in your reading life, Lydia; and thanks a bunch for the visit to Finding Wonderland!!

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