Top Ten Tuesday: Winter Holiday Songs That Should Be Books

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christmas bells hanging from a christmas tree over a sheet of music. Oh, how I wish that all of these songs could be turned into books.

I added the genre each song seems like it would be best with. Click on their titles to hear any songs you might not be familiar with.

Feel free to add to this list in the comment section below if you think of other suggestions! I had so much fun with this post.


1. All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.

Genre: Romantic Comedy


2. Eight Candles by Malvina Reynolds

Genre: Historical Drama


3. Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Genre: Contemporary/Urban Fantasy


4. Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano

Genre: Sentimental Christmas Drama (for all ages)


5. Coldest Winter by Pentatonix

Genre: Romantic Contemporary/Urban Fantasy


6.Festivals of Light by Lauren Mayer

Genre: Nonfiction


7. Candy Cane Lane by Sia

Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy


8. Baby, It’s Cold Outside by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson

Genre: Satirical Romantic Comedy (adult audiences only)


9. Soma Loba by Manu Dibango

Genre: Nonfiction


10. I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Frank Sinatra

Genre: Historical Drama


Happy holidays to everyone in the Top Ten Tuesday community!

102 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Winter Holiday Songs That Should Be Books

  1. This is such a lovely, creative take on this week’s TTT!! I love that you have the trans-Siberian orchestra is on this list too!

  2. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” IS a movie! It’s become a tradition in my family. It features Jonathan Taylor Thomas (a spoiled lad of privilege who cares little for Christmas beyond it being a break from school and an opportunity to go on vacation) trying to win back the heart of his girlfriend by getting home for Christmas after being left in the desert with a glued-on Santa suit. Road trip + comedy with a romantic twist, I guess!

    Loved your take on the theme. I’m still trying to complete my list!

  3. What a fun topic! I need to be more creative with these freebies 😂 You have some of my favorites listed here! I also love Christmas/Sarajevo by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. A very popular figure skating Christmas show song to skate to and I find it just so beautiful! Great TTT as always!

  4. I was just thinking about the lack of fantasy based Christmas stories; you’d think a holiday with such pagan roots would have more to lend to such stories. Now I want to read Wizards in Winter as a book! A great list, as usual, and a fun twist on the typical Christmas freebie!

  5. I love what you chose to do with this week’s freebie. Now I’m stuck singing and imagining the stories these songs would create. Fantastic job!

  6. If you start it I will so Collab or we can do a short story! Lets do it – all of us bloggers together! :O

    But yes, I sooo agree. I hadn’t thought of that but off I go to make little short stories after Christmas songs – maybe i will actually do it and release my first book cause the one im working on now is utter writers block!

  7. Interesting idea for a prompt! I also have to say, I find it strange that the only Hanukkah songs that Christians know tend to be songs that I as a Jew have never heard of? I’d never heard either that Eight Candles or Festival of Lights songs before. I wonder where they came from?

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