Top Ten Tuesday: Summer Bookish Wishes

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My previous bookish wishes are as follow: Winter Solstice Bookish Wishes, Bookish Wishes, Bookish Wishes 2, Bookish Wishes 3.

As always, I do not wish to have any books purchased for me or to purchase books for others. Some of my wishes will be a little too esoteric for that, and the rest can be satisfied if anyone has a good recommendation or two for me.

Three flat, white stones stacked on top of each other on the perfectly smooth sand of a beach. You can see the lake or ocean water in the distance. 1. A Lighthearted Beach Read About Friendship

Romantic subplots are totally fine, but I’d prefer the main storyline to be about platonic relationships.

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume was one book in this genre I’ve previously enjoyed.


2. Nonfiction Books About Biology, Archeology, or Similar Subjects 

I love reading about science and living organisms whether the topic is hunter-gatherers from the distant past or how tree frogs are doing in 2024.

3. More Uninterrupted Time to Write 

It can be hard to concentrate again after you’ve been interrupted!


4. No More Writer’s Block

It has been slowing me down so much.


5. No More Forest Fires This Year

Canada’s forest fires were awful last year. Is it too much to ask for clean air to breathe while I read and write?


5. Dairy-Free Chocolate

Do I technically need it while I read and write? No, but it sure is enjoyable.


6. Stories About the Underdog Winning

They can be from any genre. I love seeing the little guy get justice  and prevail against nearly-impossible odds.


7. Short Stories

Almost all of the short stories I read are science fiction, fantasy, or horror, but I’ll branch out to many other genres: mystery, westerns, romance, etc. All I ask is that the tale itself is well written.


A photo of a black hardcover book lying on a forest floor in a patch of dirt. Maybe it’s next to a tree whose leaves are too numerous to allow grass to grow there? In the distance you can see the calm water of a pond. 8. Humorous Fiction

I am hoping to go to the beach this summer, and there’s nothing like reading something funny while the sun shines down on you and the seagulls fly in the distance. It’s so relaxing.


9. Spanish Media

I have diligently been studying Spanish these past couple of years. If you have a favourite Spanish picture book, song, or tv show to recommend, I’d love to check it out.


10. Quiet Reading Time

Maybe I’ll go somewhere outdoors to get it?




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42 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Summer Bookish Wishes

  1. Tammy Schoch

    Idea: Acapulco on Apple TV is mostly in Spanish.

  2. Great list. I’d really love more focus in non-romantic relationships in stories too.

  3. If you don’t already, I’d reccommend following The Inquisitive Biologist and Nicky at BreathesBooks. They both do a LOT of science reads, partiuclarly biology. They steadily add to my interests lists. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Agree with Forest Fires, I live in Mexico, on the border with California, and it is the same every summer, It happens more in the US than in Mexico, but if they are severe, the polluted air reaches my city.

    And my mother tongue is Spanish, Coco movie is beautiful in Spanish, Shrek is hilarious but it has many Mexican colloquial words

  5. I *think* maybe author Rachel Hauck (she writes inspirational fiction, that is maybe also Christian, it’s been WAY too long since I read a book by her) has a summer novel out this year that is about friendships and the cover art looks very beach read to me. 🙂 Hope you find some and some of these summer wishes of yours come true! Thanks for visiting my website today.

  6. Have you checked out Happy Place by Emily Henry? That’s a beach read with a strong friendship.

  7. I hope you have no more forest fires this year, too! I don’t live in Canada, but we get a lot of smoke from the fires. The air gets so bad here that I can’t imagine living even closer.

    Wishing you the best vibes for writing as well! Writer’s block is the worst, especially when you can’t get into a flow. This was a fun list- I love the twist on the prompt!

  8. I also love stories about the underdog winning! And yes, always would love some quiet reading time. Hope your wishes will come true 🙂

  9. Have you read Rachel Carson’s books for #2?

  10. This one is a humorous story and a short story: Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster, try to get it with the illustrations (if you haven’t read it) because they do enhance the story! If you like young adult fiction, I loved The Penderwick series, it’s about sisters who are friends and their adventures, but we found them humorous as well. Just about anything else I could recommend would be romcoms 😉

  11. One of my favorite short story authors is Stuart McLean. He used to have a series on CBC called The Vinyl Cafe. The stories focus on Dave and his family’s experiences in Toronto. If you can find the audio versions, I highly recommend them, as they are narrated by the author.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  12. I can help you out with #7! I posted another installment of free online fiction today instead of sharing a wishlist. Hopefully you can find something there that interests you!

    I went rogue this week:

  13. I don’t have any suggestions, but your Spanish requests made me smile. When I was taking Spanish 101 in college, our professor would give us extra credit if we watched her favorite telenovela for her and kept her up-to-date since she didn’t have time to watch it. (This was back in the Dark Ages before DVR and Netflix.) Oh, the drama! LOL

    Happy TTT!


  14. This is it!! This was the post I was trying so hard to remember. I knew there was an alternate post that I loved the last time this came around and I could not remember it. The recommendations is perfect and I need to try and remember that for the next time. Thanks for doing it again! 🙂 For something funny… Jenny Lawson has a few memoirs and she’s hilarious! Great beach reads, I think.

    • You’re welcome. I’d love to see your version of this if you decide to borrow the concept.

      And, yeah, Jenny Lawson is fabolous. I don’t think I’ve read all of her work yet either. 🙂

  15. Lydia – I love how you put the wishes in a format that allows for recommendations. I’d love to use this in a future post sometime, for when I want to tweak the prompt, if you don’t mind? And I’d also love it if there were no more forest fires this year – the smoke in NY from the fires in Canada was so bad that I can’t even imagine how bad it must have been for you guys. There were days where I couldn’t even leave the house.

    • I would be honoured if you borrowed this idea! Go for it. 🙂

      I’m sorry the smoke was bad for you last year, too. Yeah, it was pretty awful here.

  16. Love your list! Outdoor time to read… what a treat that would be!

  17. I hope you can avoid more fires this season. I live on the west coast of the U.S. and we have our fair share of wildfires. Hope all your wishes come true!

  18. These are some great wishes! If you enjoy rom-coms, I’d recommend Katherine Center’s new one The Rom-Commers. It’s about about an aspiring screenwriter getting the chance to work with her idol who has written a truly awful rom-com screenplay and needs help rewriting it. It deals with some heavy emotions, but somehow Center keeps it light and throws in a lot of humor. The romance is there, but not overly powerful. I think it would fit your #1 and #8 wish 🙂

  19. Stefani @ Read with Stefani

    Watch Las Chicas del Cable on Netflix. Happy learning and reading heheh.

  20. At our naturalist group meeting (yes, this comment does have a point!) we were introduced to the world of prescribed burns. One of the takeaways from the presentation was how much prescribed burns helps reduce the likelihood of runaway wildfires. Sending good thoughts and prayers that you don’t have wildfires this summer.

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