Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: 5 Best Places I’ve Visited

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A herd of bison walking on a plain

Place: Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

Why I Loved It: This isn’t my photo, but I remember being mesmerized by the herds of elk, buffalo, and other large animals when my family visited Yellowstone when I was a kid. It’s awe-inspiring to be that close to creatures you’d normally only see in photos or videos. This is a fantastic place to visit for people of all ages and ability levels. Two parents and three young children sitting on a large boulder at Vedauwoo National Park.


Place: Vedawoo National Park in Wyoming

Why I Loved It: Here’s an old photo of my parents, siblings, and me in Vedawoo when I was a child. It’s such a wonderful place to enjoy nature and spend time with people you care about. Someday I hope I’ll get to go back there and have another picnic and hike like we did so many times when I was little. Maybe it could even be a big extended family trip! My nephews would like running around in Vedawoo.


A small ship floating next to a gigantic wall of ice in Alaska
Photo credit: Jim Schoch

Place: Alaska

Why I Loved It: I’ve mentioned this Alaskan cruise my extended family took here before. The scenery in Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful both on water and on land. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and would love to explore the parts of it I didn’t have time for on my first trip there. There were more sights to see than there were hours in the day!

Lydia standing on Labadee Beach in Haiti

Place: Labadee Beach in Haiti

Why I Loved It: I love swimming and building sandcastles. Soaking up all of that warm sunshine feels great, too.  Labadee Beach was private beach in Haiti my spouse and I have visited on a few different winter cruises. It was warm, relaxing, and peaceful. As you can probably already guess, I’d love to go back here again someday as well. There’s something nice about returning to vacation spots you already know you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, my fingers are crossed that it might be okay to visit Toronto’s beaches this summer. We’ll have to see how this year goes.

I have no idea what to add for my fifth answer to this week’s prompt, so I’ll stop here. Prince Edward Island and Hawaii are still on my bucket list, so maybe I’ll be able to see them eventually!


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  1. We did an Alaskan cruise a couple of years ago. I agree with you about how beautiful the place is. But if I ever go back, I don’t want it to be on a cruise ship. Our stops were way too brief. I wanted a lot more time in each place.

  2. My husband went on a 50th birthday camping trip with his buddy in Alaska and loved it! Backcountry camping is not my thing but I’d love to visit some of the parts closer to civilization.

    We went to a very special place this year (before lockdown) — the island of Crete, where I had never been. Four other places I would list: Acadia National Park in Maine; Paris, France; Salisbury, England; and the Engadin region here in Switzerland.

    Thanks for some armcahir traveling!

  3. Very different places there! I’d love to visit Alaska, but I don’t do well on long airplane trips. 4 hrs is my limit, so I may never make Europe. 🙁

    My favorite places have been central New Mexico (specifcially, Santa Fe), central Arizona (Grand Canyon), and northern Florida (St. Augustine). Smokey Mountains are also very pretty but I’m a little more used to that scenery (loads and loads and loads of trees).

    • I don’t do well on long airplane trips either.

      I’ve heard Santa Fe is gorgeous!

      Northern Florida is amazing, too. Now I want to see the Smokey Mountains and Grand Canyon for myself. 🙂

      • Santa Fe and St. Augustine are rival in my books. Santa Fe has the mountains. St. Augustine the ocean; Santa Fe has St. Francis’ basilica and La Fonda and the plaza, but St. Augustine has Flagler college and and its own basilica. If I had to choose I’d go back to Santa Fe, though. And yes, the Canyon is …not just worth seeing, but if you’re in NA, a must-see. I drove 1.5 hrs to see it four times the week I was in Arizona, and it was worth it every single time. I have photos and even a helicopter video tour at my blog if you’re curious.

  4. Wyoming is gorgeous. When I lived in Colorado, we went for Cheyenne Frontier days… so fun! I envy your pictures, I don’t have many from before cell phones. I’d love to do Alaska (in the summer!!!!). I have family up there, so I really should do that once the world opens up again.

  5. Wonderful places! There’s something about those memories of special places from childhood as well. 🙂

    Prince Edward and Hawaii would be on my short list as well. Hope you get to both of them!

  6. I nearly upset a buffalo at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge just outside Lawton, Oklahoma, back in my brilliantly misspent youth. My own fault; I was watching my footing instead of my surroundings, and just walked right up beside one — I thought it was boulder until it moved.

    I love ’em, but they’re definitely best viewed from a safe distance.

  7. My husband and I tried to take our kids to many places, Yellowstone was one of them. We loved it and they got their Junior Ranger Badges which they loved. I have never heard of Vedawoo National Park in Wyoming, so will try to get there the next time I head out west. Alaska was an awesome trip, but it was just us, no kids on that one.

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