Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A TV Show That Influenced My Life

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I wasn’t sure which book or film to pick for this week’s prompt, so I’ll be answering it with one of the first TV shows I ever remember watching that has stuck with me well into adulthood: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

The Mister Rogers Neighborhood workmark.

Sesame Street appealed to me as a small child, too, but I preferred the calmness of Mr. Rogers. What a soothing, gentle man he was.

He had a marvellous way of making topics even grownups struggle with sometimes easier to understand and taking the fear out of experiences that sometimes frighten small children like moving to a new house or visiting a doctor.

His show modelled so many important things for his viewers: kindness, respect, inclusion, tolerance, curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and the importance of letting your imagination roam free sometimes.

I think all of us who watched his show when we were little were very lucky, indeed. I’m glad reruns of it are still reaching today’s youngsters.

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  1. I loved Mr Rogers! His show was important for me to show my children how to act/behave (and a good message for adults). They continue to talk about his influence even as adults. A beautiful post, Lydia. Thanks for stopping by mine, too. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful show with an equally kind, and beautiful soul to lead it. I love Mr. Rogers. Love this post!

  3. When my kids were that age, we never let them watch TV. So they were too old for Mr. Rogers to be “cool” before they saw it. But I agree that his manner was calming and soothing to very young children. It was his calling, and he fulfilled it well.

  4. Oh Mr. Rogers!!! I completely forgot about this show – I will have to show this to my daughter but im not sure how well she will take to it but i’m tired of Cocomelon/sesame street on repeat haha. You did such a great job describing how it felt to listen to Mr. Rogers and how well he explained situations.

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