Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2020

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two people wearing masks, social distancing, and reading books outside at a park.
The most 2020 bookish photo ever.

As I’ve mentioned in other recent Top Ten Tuesday posts, 2020 wasn’t a typical reading year for me.

I read less than usual, switched my preferred genres and topics to more cheerful ones, and had some trouble finishing the books I did manage to get through. How many of you can say the same thing?

Here are a few of the new-to-me authors I did try last year. May this year give all of us more time and energy to try new authors!


Author: Nisi Shawl

What I Read from Them: Everfair


Author: Michael Christie

What I Read from Them: Greenwood


Author: Danna Staaf

What I Read from Them: Monarchs of the Sea: The Extraordinary 500-Million-Year History of Cephalopods


Author: Katherine May

What I Read from Them: Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times

110 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2020

  1. Your 2020 reading habits make a lot of sense. I think it has been an odd year for people trying to read their usual dark fantasy faves, and I definitely read a lot more cheerful books too. I don’t think I even realised why I wanted to.

    I’ve heard of Nisi Shawl from the sci-fi anthology they edited, but I haven’t read it yet. I hope you enjoyed your reading!

    • I do think Everfair is worth checking out, yes. And I do hope to read more books from all of these authors. I like to try multiple books before forming an opinion about an author. 🙂

  2. I can absolutely say the same thing. I did more rereading than usual—and that’s saying a lot, since at least 1/3 of my reading is rereading even in a good year. This year, it was over half of my reading, and most of my first-time books were by authors I already knew, so I had a fair idea of what to expect. I hope to be a little bolder in exploring new authors this year.

    Of the books you mention here, Everfair is already on my TBR list, and Wintering is going on it on the strength of the subtitle alone.

  3. 2020 wasn’t a typical reading year for me either. Despite having more time to read than ever before, I found I was struggling to concentrate and I read much less than usual. I’m glad you were still able to discover some new authors!

  4. How did you like Everfair? The reviews are pretty average…

    Monarchs of the Sea — have you read Other Minds? Also about octopuses and the evolution of consciousness. Quite entertaining.

    • It was okay, but not my favourite. Kind of slowly paced to be honest.

      I haven’t read Other Minds, but i’m looking it up now. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. So true about last year. I had to look for the Monarchs of the Sea summary. That sounds fascinating. Great list and hope its a much better reading year!

  6. I’m curious how you felt about Everfair- I’ve tried picking it up a couple of times now, but it’s a slow start and I wasn’t sure if it would hold my attention.

    Wintering sounds like something I need right now. *slings it onto her TBR*

  7. Monarchs of the Sea looks good. 2020 was a weird reading year, for sure. I read more widely, I think. Glad you were able to find some new authors and get some good reading in despite the pandemic.

  8. Sorry, Lydia. I thought I had commented here the other day but it looks like the net swallowed my response. This time, I even got to your page (even though not to this post) through your link. So, good news.

    Anyway, I’m glad you found a few new authors you like. It’s always great.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT the other day.

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