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Benjamin and Jake Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They are smiling and posing together in their Star Trek uniforms.

Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake.
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My all-time favourite father in a TV show is Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

After his wife died in a tragic accident, he raised his son, Jake, as a single parent while simultaneously taking over command of the Deep Space Nine and helping Bajor’s recovery from the recently concluded Cardassian occupation.

(Cardassians and Bajorans were enemies at this point in the Star Trek timeline. They had recently called for a truce after a bloody war, but tensions were still running high to say the least).

If you are not a fellow Star Trek fan, don’t worry. Those are all of the details you need to know about this character’s occupation.

What I loved about Commander Sisko was how well he balanced every portion of his life. You might see him broker a peace deal between species that deeply mistrust each other or welcome refugees in one scene only to go play baseball or do some other father-son bonding activity with Jake in the next one.

He had a lot on his plate, but he was always a warm and loving father. If you watch this series through until the end, you’ll also see Jake grow up. I thought it was fascinating to see how he evolved as a character and what lessons he learned from watching his father juggle single parenting, dealing with grief, running a starbase, and even finding some time for dating in there as well.

Now that I’ve finished this post, I have the urge to rewatch a few classic Deep Space Nine episodes featuring this wonderful family. Maybe I’ll do just that this weekend!


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8 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Best Father in a Book, Movie, or TV Show

  1. Yes, Ben Sisko is such a good father! That dynamic of a Star Trek captain as father/parent was so interesting, and I wish they had done that in other ST series as well.

  2. You’ve got that right. He was a great dad. I love the episode where they build a ship with a solar sail and fly it to Cardasia.

  3. For some reason I can’t get Long and Short Review up on my server. I keep getting a 404 message.

    • Yeah, their site has been down for about a week and a half now. It was hit with some nasty malware. The site owners have hired someone to clean it up and get the site working again, but it looks like they haven’t had luck yet.

      Here’s hoping that changes soon.

  4. Oh,Benjamin Sisko sounds like a wonderful father!

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