Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Bookmark, Scrap Paper, or Dog-Ear?

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Coloured tabs of paper sticking out of a book that’s opened and lying on a wooden table. The vast majority of the books I read are ebooks, so my place is always marked in them automatically unless there’s a technological glitch. That doesn’t make for a very fun answer to this week’s prompt, so I’ll keep talking.

Back when I read paper books regularly, I did not have a strong opinion about bookmarks.

A pretty, traditional bookmark? Great!

A scrap of paper? Great!

An old receipt I didn’t need for anything else? Great!

A $1 bill? Great!

A clean, dry piece of toilet paper in an emergency? That was okay, too, although I found it tore easily and would try to replace it with some other paper product as soon as possible.

I will admit to dog-earing a few pages of books I owned when I was a kid, but I soon learned to dislike the way that damaged books and stopped doing it. (What other people do with their own books is of no concern to me).

I know that conversations like these can be more interesting when people have strong opinions about them, but I do not have any strong opinions on this topic. All I care about is that a bookmark keeps my place in a story so that I can quickly jump back into it when I have more spare time.

Although I am always interested in seeing other people’s fancy bookmarks and asking them questions about where they got them and what personal significance the artwork might hold for them if they’re willing to share.



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18 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Bookmark, Scrap Paper, or Dog-Ear?

  1. Yep! I read mostly sudiobooks these days, followed by digital. When I do read a paper book I’ll use whatever. I mark passages with plastic see through page markers on the side of the page and will add one as a bookmark by putting it at the top of a page if I don’t have a bookmark. I’ve also dog eared in my day! I’m not picky.

  2. What people do with their own copies of books is fully up to them. However, it still makes me nervous to see someone I know dog-ear a book (or worse, intentionally break the spine) because there’s no guarantee that if I lend them a book, they will be gentler with it than with their own books. Also, as a former library clerk, I hated having books returned to us dog-eared because I always felt I had to un-dog-ear the pages before returning the book to circulation. So… yeah. I have opinions on this subject. 😉

    • Yeah, those aren’t okay things to do at all. Borrowing someone else’s book (or a library book) is a whole other situation. You must be gentle then. 🙂

      • Agreed. For bookmarks, I realized I never actually answered the question. I tend to use store-bought (or handmade) official bookmarks, because it’s a common gift that’s given to me since everyone knows I read a lot. The rest of my family uses a variety of things, but my favorite bookmark pick is my dad. He tends to use a strip of film negative. (But a negative strip without any pictures. There’s always that little bit left over at the end with nothing on it, but the film developing company gives it back to you as proof that they printed everything. That’s the part he uses.)

  3. I’ll use pretty much anything that’s to hand – I’ve got plenty of bookmarks but the changes of finding one when I need one are slim. and I hate seeing people mistreat their books, it makes me sad.

  4. Ann

    Only a one dollar bill? Once I find a twenty dollar bill inside a book. That he beauty of used books. You never know what you will find.

  5. I agree, its hard to get passionate about bookmarks. Yes, I’ve used whatever’s at hand then learned to love the business card.

  6. I rarely read physical books, so it’s not much of an issue for me. But, when I do read them it’s usually a scrap of paper.

  7. Yesterday was crazy and I didn’t get on the computer much. I like your little tabs, that’s what I do with my research books. I went through them like crazy working on I Maury.

  8. I never thought about the sticky flags in anything but a Bible, but that is a pretty inspired idea…until the sticky wears off…I have used a sticky note, but that wears out after two times of use…probably better just stick with my non-tassel book marks…

  9. I always use something, whatever it is – I never dog-ear. I’ve not owned a real bookmark in years though.

  10. If it’s a “serious” book, I use a couple of prized bookmarks. If it’s a book club selection that I know I will be discussing, I dog ear. If it’s a Cook the Books work, I use sticky notes to mark ideas.

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