Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Creative Outlets I Enjoy

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Writing. This spring I’ve been spending more time doing this. Thank goodness for renewed interest in writing and a sharp reduction in my writer’s block! There’s nothing like seeing your characters and worlds come alive. I’ll let you all know when I have a publication date for my next speculative fiction book.

Person dancing in a field at dusk
This isn’t me, but this is something I’d do.

Snapping Photographs. 2020 wasn’t a great year for finding interesting things to photograph due to what we all experienced during it that I won’t go into any detail about here, but I’m hoping 2021 will provide more opportunities to capture beautiful moments. Maybe it will even be possible to photograph other places in the world in 2022.

Dancing. Thank goodness for all of the instructional videos online. I love learning new moves and styles of dance. They make me feel so free and happy.

Anthropomorphizing Everything.  I regularly say hello to the animals who live in my neighbourhood whether they are domesticated or wild creatures. I’ve hugged trees once or twice and am not afraid to call a building beautiful out loud if it thrills me. These things bring joy to the world, so why not bring attention to them? In my opinion, we should all appreciate harmless things that lift our spirits and give us hope.

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  1. So happy you’re moving past the writer’s block! And here’s to hoping we can all start traveling safely soon. Hahaha at the last one. I’ve been known to hug weird things as well and I always talk to any animals I see. It’s Mr. Pigeon or Madame Kitty or whatever comes to mind at the time. My cats, on the other hand, are all called CrazyPants or Crackhead. 😀

  2. Mother-in-Law told Beautiful Wife: “You guys have the most talkative dog around. He’s surprisingly well-spoken considering he’s only three years old.”

    Us: “Well, yes, the doggo has plenty of opinions on all sorts of topics, most of them involving how best to treat the dog.”

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I love to dance, unfortunately the husband has no talent in that direction. What kinds of dancing are you learning?

    re: plays. I was in a couple in college (Music Man and South Pacific)…then life got in the way and about 7 years ago, I got back into it. I was Clairee in Steel Magnolias (so much fun)… and I’ve been in probably about a dozen plays/musicals in the last 7 years.

    • You’re welcome!

      I’ve been doing a lot of hip hop and Indian dances lately. They are so much fun.

      It’s very cool that you’ve been in so many musicals and plays.

  4. I love to dance, but alas, husband does not. So I do Jazzercise at least 6 days a week–sometimes 2 classes in one day. Any day that includes a cha-cha or a mambo, is a good day! I’ve never liked any kind of exercise, but I do love to dance.

    And I’m from a family of tree-huggers. Husband taught our kids to hug them while saying, “Heart to heart, soul to tree, spirit of nature, come into me.”

  5. I agree, it’s nice to appreciate the critters and other beautiful things. There’s this cat who’s always in the window of a ground floor apartment near the entrance to my building when I get home from work. I like to say hello to him, even if he can’t hear it.

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