Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Design Your Perfect Wedding

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Everyone reading this might chuckle at my answer.

A four-tier white wedding cake with orange flowers on the top of it. You see, I am not a particularly romantic person.

If I were to get married again, I’d be perfectly happy to once again do it at the local courthouse wearing a simple white dress I bought on sale that was not actually marketed as a wedding dress just like I did the first time.

This time around, I’d invite more people if I could. The wedding to my current spouse only had about 25 attendees due to the fact that I moved out of the United States before getting married, but in retrospect I wish more friends and relatives could have attended.

There is something wonderful about being surrounded by so much love on that day.

I wouldn’t have bridesmaids or pick a theme. I wouldn’t care one bit if guests showed up in formal attire or more comfortable but still dressy clothing like I’d wear.

Only two things would truly matter to me enough to splurge on them.

One: I’d hire a photographer and pick the priciest photo package I could afford. I do wish we had more photos of my first wedding.

Two: I would go all out on the food, especially the wedding cake!

My spouse and I were are poor as church mice when we got married, so we didn’t have a cake at all and ended up eating at an upscale buffet for our wedding dinner. The food was decent, but I would definitely spend the money on a fancy, traditional wedding cake and higher quality of food if I could redo that day.

I’d choose a tiered cake that had traditional white frosting and some lovely flowers on it because this is the only wedding thing I’m at all sentimental about.

The flavour of the cake itself could be something a little more daring like devil’s food, or maybe each layer could be a different flavour so every guest would have a choice between a few different options.

My friends and family run the gamut from vegan to something similar to the Atkins diet, so I’d offer several different entrees that would work whether you include a lot of vegetables or very few of them at all in your diet.

What would really matter is that we were together celebrating with delicious food and crisp, clear photos of such a special day.


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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Design Your Perfect Wedding

  1. That wedding sounds nice.

    Here my post:

    For some reason I can not link up. I keep getting a 404 page not found every time I try to visit the blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marianna!

      Unfortunately, Long and Short Review’s site is down at the moment. I know they’re working on bringing it back up, but I haven’t heard any updates yet.

  2. I like that you want to downsize it. I’m sitting this one out.

  3. We had a larger wedding — it turns out that if you really want to invite That One Aunt, you have to invite the entire rest of North America as well — but I would have liked to have kept it to immediate family and about fourteen people, including the photographer.

    Still, in some ways I just don’t care; the wedding is not the marriage, and the marriage is the part I was interested in.

    • Heh, that is very true. You either have to invite everyone or few people at all, especially in bigger families like what yours sounds like it might be.

      And, yeah, the wedding and the marriage are two very different things indeed.

  4. Tammy Schoch

    Your brother Jesse has often told me that he wishes he had pushed back at work and insisted on a few days off to attend your wedding. (He was in a new job and they said no and he had few options and little money.)

  5. What an interesting question! My husband and I were college students when we got married, so we were also poor as church mice. Our families weren’t well off either, so we definitely had a budget affair. We got married over Labor Day so we could get it done before school started up again and so our reception wasn’t well attended. I think I’d choose a different date if I had to do it again, but that’s about it. I like the simplicity of your ideas and the idea of focusing on what really matters to you and not worrying about the rest.

  6. Your wedding wish sounds lovely. I like that it’s small and intimate.

  7. I’m in a somewhat similar boat to you. I got married on vacation (pretty much entirely to not have to have a bunch of people there, though). We had a photographer but not one we chose so there are a lot of photos I think are silly. We were at a resort so the food was decent, but I had just had food poisoning so I couldn’t really eat it! I wore a second hand dress that cost 30 bucks and wasn’t even white. I don’t think I’d change much, really, though if I could do anything I’d probably wear a fitted tux and skate shoes or chucks cos I just hate dresses so much! I’m not a wedding person, so I would have been fine with city hall, but if we had done it at city hall here we would have had to deal with all the hurt feelings of not inviting family and having a big event, so that was the main reason we did it while we were away! I think it’s one of those things that often ends up being about the spectacle or what the families want rather than what the couple themselves want, so I just feel like it’s important to do it how it feels right – whether that’s a big event or city hall, doesn’t really matter as long as it’s what you want!

    • It’s cool that we share this in common!

      Yeah, I hate wearing dresses, too.

      It’s interesting to see how many different options there are for weddings. You’re right that it’s totally up to the personality, budget, and tastes of the people who are getting married. 🙂

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