Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite Websites and Blogs

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I don’t listen to any podcasts, so all of the items on this week’s list will either be blogs or websites. Long and Short Reviews is already a given answer to this question, of course, so I’ll focus on other sites I love to visit.

And I included a few amusing gifs today for the sheer joy of it. Story time! When I was a kid, a classmate frightened me with the story of what happens when you say Bloody Mary three times while looking into a mirror in a dark room. It was a relief to discover Snopes a few years later and realize just how many urban legends had no truth to them at all.

A Hundred Years Ago. In 1911, a teenage girl began writing a diary about her life on the family farm. Her granddaughter, Sheryl Lazarus, started a blog in 2011 that shared all of those diary entries exactly a century after they were written. The diary stuff all ended in late 2014, but Sheryl has continued updating her site with recipes, newspaper clippings, and other fascinating historical stuff from the World War I era.

Nutrition Action. I love learning about the latest news on nutrition. This site shares unbiased, scientific information on food, supplements, and many different types of diets.


Geekologie. This blog is about the scientific study of all sorts of geeky and quirky things. If there’s a question about what’s really happening in a picture or video, they do their best to figure it out while cracking a few jokes along the way

Longreads. Read this site if you’re interested in long-form articles about current events, science & nature, sports, technology, sociology, or other serious topics.

Humans of New York. Every post on this blog is a different interview with an ordinary person. Some of the interview subjects lived through terrible things like civil wars. Others might share stories about what it’s like to have a specific, incurable disease or what their deepest fear is. I love getting to know so much about their lives.

Bird and Moon. I follow so many comic strip sites that I could have made this post about nothing but that topic. This is one of my favourites hidden treasures in this genre. I hope it becomes as popular as xkcd someday.

. This blog is written by a friend of mine who lives in Amsterdam and dreams of living in Iceland. He’s the first blacksmith I’ve ever known, and I find his posts on that topic mesmerizing. If you have any interest at all in history, blacksmithing, or writing, you should definitely check him out.

NASA. Science is such an interesting topic in general. My ears perk up even more if we’re talking about something like astronomy or space exploration, and NASA’s official tumblr site is full of cool stuff on those topics. If you ever meet me in person, mention this topic and I’ll talk your ears off about it if you want me to.

I’ll end this post with one final gif just for fun.

How many of the sites I mentioned do you all visit? I can’t wait to see what you all recommend in your responses to this week’s prompt!

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30 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite Websites and Blogs

  1. Echo Ishii

    NASA!!! I follow NASA FB page.

    I read Longreads now and again.

    A Hundred Years Ago looks good. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Yay! NASA really is the best.

      I hope you like A Hundred Years Ago, too. Sheryl is a meticulous researcher. She (and her commenters) have discovered all sorts of fascinating things about that era.

  2. You go to some crazy cool places. I’m in awe. 🙂 Good post.

  3. I love HUmans of NY – the books. I’ll have to check out the website!!!

  4. I’ve followed Humans of NY for awhile. It’s very interesting! I love the idea of A Hundred Years Ago (history is my passion). Definitely checking that one out. Thanks!

  5. BjØrn Larssen sounds so cool! Great list!

  6. Snopes is like my best friend these days what with the way people post and reshare things without checking to make sure they’re true first.

    A Hundred Years Ago sounds like it’d be a fascinating one, too.

  7. Wow Lydia, you have some impressive places listed here (not that I’m in the least bit surprised). I do go to Longreads and snopes now and then but as I’ve said to most people, cooking and other reading blogs seem to be my thing most. Definitely going to check out your other listings.

    So sorry I forgot today. I have a spreadsheet of my reading and the dates they are due and I even put today on it. Good thing I pay more attention to the other book rows, huh? Like I said, sorry I forgot but so glad I got to see your blog.

    • Thank you very much.

      Cooking and reading blogs are very cool. I hope I’ll see you around next Wednesday. It’s always interesting to read your responses to the prompts. 🙂

  8. Michele

    Consider me blown away. I can count on one hand how many blog sites I visit regularly, besides LASR. I’m going to be bookmarking some of these to check out.

    I used to visit a lot of writing sites – how-to and such, but they’re now all defunct. What I do lately is plug in “news from” and a country name or state name, and scroll for interesting news that happens outside of my local area. The world is a big place. All your links have made it bigger. 🙂

  9. So many interesting sites! I agree with I found it years ago, and still visit.

  10. Ash

    These websites look amazing! Particularly the 100 years blog!

    Ash @ JennRenee Read

  11. Great list of websites! Making Note!

  12. I visit Snopes every day. I love debunking fake news.

  13. Although it’s coming to an end, for years I’ve found fascinating as a means of discovering each day what my ancestors were doing then.

  14. I really love Humans of New York. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at the website though.


  15. Fun list. I love Humans of New York too. It’s such a great idea.

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