Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Hobby and Why

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Β I talk about my love of reading and writing all of the time this blog, so I’m going to branch out and talk about some of the other stuff in this world that makes me happy. Oh, and I’m bending the rules and talking about two different topics because it was impossible to pick between them.

Board, Video, and Role-Playing Games

If we were all sitting together in a room and didn’t have Internet access, I’d probably ask everyone if they wanted to play Clue, Scrabble, or Life. There’s something so relaxing to me about the simplicity and predictability of them. I see playing board games as a chance to bond with friends, so I’d much rather spend my time chatting between turns than trying to remember a complex set of rules.

When I was a kid, my favourite video game was Pharaoh. It was a city-building game set in various points of Egyptian history. I loved deciding where my characters should build a pyramid and planning out the designs of my cities.

These days, I spend my video game time building homes, digging mines, and fighting monsters in Minecraft. As long as no monsters sneak up on me while I’m working, it’s a very relaxing way to end a day.

A few months ago, I started playing Dungeons and Dragons occasionally, but I don’t know enough about that topic yet to go into much detail about it. It’s far more complicated than I ever would have imagined!

Why do I love games so much? Well, most of the ones I play ask you to use your imagination. There are very few things in this world that I find more interesting than needing to do that.


I’m a weightlifter. It’s a form of exercise I first tried about four years ago, and it’s made me feel so good to grow stronger as a result of this hobby. I’m a short and petite woman, so every bit of strength I gain makes a huge difference in how I look, how I feel, and what I’m capable of doing.

Walking outdoors – preferably as close to nature as I can get to as a city person – is another fitness activity that I really enjoy. I originally tried to get into running, but I found that long, brisk walks were much more my speed. I like being able to take in my surroundings and notice that squirrel darting up a tree or a neighbour’s dog playing fetch in the distance.

Talking about this is making me very glad that spring is around the corner. I can’t wait to go to the park again.

Why do I love working out so much? Well, it makes me feel really good. I get an endorphin rush from cardiovascular exercise, and I really like the way weightlifting improves my life. There’s something thrilling about picking up a heavy laundry basket or bag of groceries and realizing that they feel a little lighter than they did the last time you needed to do that chore. It’s almost like gaining a superpower!

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19 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Hobby and Why

  1. Wow Lydia, you surprise me EVERY week. I am trying to learn Age of Empires because my daughter-in-law loves to play. Talk about rules and twists and turns but I’ll get there. It’s something we do together and that’s important. Wish I could get into any kind of exercising like you do. Other than Jazzercize three times a week, reading and cooking are my favorite things to do and they don’t help my physical being much:)

    Great post. Thanks for the insight into Lydia.

    • Thank you, Kathy. Your comments are always lovely, and I enjoyed your post, too. If you lived in Toronto and were interested in this, I’d totally go on a nature walk with you. πŸ™‚

      How long have you been playing Age of Empires?

      Jazzercize sounds super fun!

  2. I’ve never been much of a board or video game kind of girl. I don’t know why. I like strategy stuff. Shrugs.
    As for walking, yep. I get you. I took up walking and working out to have time to just exist. I like the time when I’m walking because it allows me to see that squirrel and let my mind wander. Plus, I feel better.
    Great post.

  3. I love board games, but it seems like no one really likes to play anymore πŸ™

    I used to lift semi-professionally about 20 years ago. I loved it!! It took a lot of time and dedication, though, and when I got married and had the kid, they got my time instead. It’s a great hobby. I do walk daily, though…I have dogs, so they keep me honest. Like you, I’m dying for spring. I’m really, really tired of freezing my can every time I step outside (or having to put on snow boots).

    • I hear you there!

      It’s so cool that you used to be a semi-professional weightlifter. Do you have any interesting stories from that period in your life?

      I hope spring arrives soon for you.

  4. My husband is a tabletop RPG gamer, too. He and a group of friends introduced me to D&D in high school. Later, we discovered Vampire: The Masquerade. Now, my husband is playing some Star Wars RPG with some of the guys he works with. (And our cat has a vendetta against his dice, she’s constantly knocking them off his desk!). So, I hope you have a lot of fun with your D&D experience!

    I love strength training, it makes you feel so good when you’re done! It’s definitely an important part of your fitness routine.

    My post

    • Thank you very much, Aimee.

      Vampire: The Masquerade sounds super fun, too.

      And I’m giggling at the thought of your cat knocking dice down all the time. I wonder why she does that?

  5. I used to play D&D back in the day with my sister and her friends! The part I enjoyed most was painting the little figures πŸ™‚
    Haven’t played board games since the boys were little. They’re very into video games now so board games don’t really get a look-in anymore.
    Not good for a couch potato, but papercrafting is my favourite hobby. And when I get the chance, visiting museums. Weirdly, I only ‘remember’ how much I do enjoy walking when I’m actually walking!

    • So cool!

      How did you get into paper crafting? What is your favourite kind of museum to visit?

      • My sister used to make cards and that piqued my interest. I also have tons of family photos – my dad was really into taking loads of pictures once things settled after the war -I quickly got into scrapbooking, then altered books and my latest craze is notebooks.
        Any kind of museum really. I adore the British Museum, also the Natural History Museum. I guess anything that shows and explains well how things were in the past.

  6. I love board games… when we were growing up, if Mama had any extra money, she would buy a game. She always said that she’d rather spend the money on a game we could enjoy many times than on a trip to the movies that would be over in no time (maybe that’s one reason I’m not a big movie-goer). Thanks for coming by!

    • You’re welcome.

      That’s a wonderful story. Yes, you can get a lot more use out of a board game than spending the same amount of money to see a movie once.

  7. I used to play RPGs, but I admit I wasn’t a very sophisticated gamer. I usually played a fighter and just hit everything.

  8. I’m a big board/card game fan and also just started D&D late last year! So, if you ever want to nerd out over these things, I’m your woman!

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