Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Things to Do in the Winter

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Part of the reason why I’m so intrigued by this week’s prompt is that winter is my least favourite season of them all. Y’all, I have to admit that I do get a little grumpy by the end of it when it feels like we’re never going to have a warm, sunny day again, and this is coming from someone who actually lives in one of the less snowy parts of Canada!

I can’t imagine what it would be like to live somewhere like the Yukon Territories where “winter” weather essentially begins in late September and lasts until May or June.

Luckily, there are fun things to do when the weather outside is frightful. This is what i’ll be keeping myself busy with over the next few months until the temperatures rise again in April.

Filling Out Adult Coloring Books. There’s something so meditative about them.

Watching Netflix. See also: documentaries (especially if they’re about NASA or nature), goofy comedies like Fuller House, and ghost stories.

Catching Up on My To-Read List. There are so many books out there I’ve been meaning to read. Let’s see how many of them I can actually finish before the weather warms up.

Studying Spanish. Enough said there. Learning a new language is so good for your brain, and it gives you a lot of sympathy for people who are learning English as their second language, too!

Braving the Cold. I do occasionally enjoy going out in the cold and watching the snow fall for a little while. It makes me grateful for the warm, indoor places where I spend most of my time.

How about all of you?




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26 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Things to Do in the Winter

  1. Ohh I love all the ways you love doing in winter time! Adult coloring is something I really love as well. I also like to draw from time to time, make a puzzle, watching Netflix, reading of course and blogging.

  2. Girl – we think alike! Netflix has gotten me thru some looooooooooooooog winters to be sure!

  3. Hey Lydia, we have some things in common and as you usually do, you’ve given me some new ideas. Stay warm girl.

  4. My fave indoor thing is puzzles… I love them. It’s probably the same idea as coloring. I’m in New Hampshire, so I feel your pain!

  5. Some great ideas there! Hulu and NetFlix are my friends these days (I’m fortunate enough to be able to “watch” and work at the same time.) Love the idea of taking the winter to study a new language.. good job! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’m not a big fan of winter either. Your list looks very much like my list 🙂 except for learning a language. I also try and do some papercrafting but, as I prefer to do it in natural light, I don’t do much in the winter.

  7. This reminded me I need to get back on my Spanish Duolingo. Much better than going out in the snow!

  8. Echo Ishii

    Ghost stories are the best during winter. And it’s great you’re studying Spanish.

  9. I’m with you on catching up with stuff you’ve let lag. I’m a chores on a cold day kind of girl. 🙂 Good list!

  10. Good post – I also need to catch up on my reading and Netflix.

  11. Watching Netflix and catching up on my TBR list are high on my list with winter activities…especially when it’s so cold and snowy like it’s been lately.

  12. I don’t hate winter, but it is frustrating that it’s too snowy to go outside sometimes. I use winter to catch up on my reading. Also, I’m going to start Spanish classes soon, so that’ll give me something to do.

  13. Laura

    Yeah, watching Netflix is fun!

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