Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Life in Photos and Gifs

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If not for Covid-19, this list would be more adventurous, but I’d bet you’re all thinking the same thing. I hope that Long and Short Reviews does a similar topic again next year so I can share my love of things that don’t require physical distancing and other safety measures.

My life revolves around the gifs and pictures shared below:

Michelle Tanner from Fuller House lifting weights and saying "one....two"

Weightlifting (and other fitness stuff like yoga and brisk walking that doesn’t have cute gifs attached to them).

Burton Guster from Psych typing on a laptop

Writing blog posts, short stories, book reviews, and attempted novels. (Still trying to finish those novels).

Dr. Who reading an advanced quantum mechanics book


Reading everything I can get my hands on…

Including all food/medication labels and the fine print on menus so I don’t accidentally eat or drink something that will trigger my allergies. I’m very grateful to have this information, but sometimes I do wish I could be carefree about food like some folks are.

Woman sitting on a park bench underneath a large, shady tree.

My life these days also includes a lot of time spent in nature. I love people and animal watching. You can learn so much about them by quietly observing what they do.

Image of the backside of a woman who is stretching out her arms and lifting her face towards the sun in a forest.

I also love walking through forests and other calm ways of passing the time. (Higher risk outdoor activities will need to wait until this pandemic is under control. I don’t want to get into an accident and need medical care when the hospital are still so full).

There’s something so relaxing about hearing the leaves whistle together or see small animals like squirrels running on the grass.

I’m also sharing this picture with all of you because it’s giving off Rapunzel vibes as I’m sure some of you are experiencing with your own untrimmed hair. How many other WWBC participants have hair that grows quickly, too?





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18 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Life in Photos and Gifs

  1. I like your take on this as well… I’m thinking I missed the point… LOL…. oh well. That’s par for the course. My post is here if you want to come by:

  2. I couldn’t bring myself to do one for this morning, but I like yours. I have a trimmer at home, so while my hair does grow relatively quickly it doesn’t get out of hand. However… the pandemic and the need for social distancing did inspire for the first time in my life to dye it: it spent three weeks being a very bright teal.

    Next up, probably this weekend, it’s gonna be auburn around the edges.

  3. The outdoors has been the saving grace through all this drama. And my dogs. But thankfully, I live in a rural area and have been outside A LOT. I love your pictures… you look SO happy in the last one.

  4. Outdoors is my favorite place. Walking,hiking, and observing. You are so right, you can learn a lot about people and animals just watching. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine.

  5. I love the outdoors, why before I hurt my back I loved golfing. I like your take on your favorite activities.

  6. Very cool! Good post. 🙂

  7. Cute post! I have several half-written novels sitting around too… I wonder does every avid reader dream of writing their own novel? I keep thinking that the stay-at-home situation we are in will help me to finish one, but alas this has not been the case!

  8. So glad I’m not the only one with half-written novels sitting around! And I wish my hair would grow more quickly, I want it to be longer but it’s just… stuck… at its current length it seems lol

  9. Great post! I’m quite ashamed of how little writing I’ve done in lockdown. Reading, but not writing.

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