Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Pets I Wish I Could Have

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A fluffy little white Bichon Frise puppy sitting on a blue and white striped chair. The dog is looking at the audience with an expectant expression on its face. Perhaps it wants a treat?

As cool as reptiles, arachnids, and fish are, I think I’d prefer to have mammals as pets.

Unfortunately, I’m terribly allergic to the vast majority of mammals that are commonly kept as pets.

If pet allergies didn’t exist and I no longer had migraines that restrict what I can do some days, I’d love to have a few furry companions.


Dogs can make such wonderful companions in life from what I’ve observed.

They (usually) don’t mind being petted, and some of them will even actively seek out that sort of attention from at least some of the humans in their lives.

Having a dog or two would also encourage me to be more physically active, especially in the winter when going outside honestly doesn’t sound that appealing most days.

From what I’ve read, dogs can be a solitary pet, but many of them enjoy having at least one canine companion around as well. I appreciate that flexibility as some species like Guinea pigs really need to be kept in groups, or at very least in pairs, in order to be happy.

Some dogs are quite intelligent. I’d enjoy teaching them new words or tricks. It would be interesting to see just how much they could learn over the years.


My second answer to this question is rabbits. A photo of three rabbits sitting under the archway of a door and looking serenely out at the world in front of them. Two of the rabbits are light brown, and the third is a wonderful patchwork of light brown, grey, and white fur. There is a grey stone wall behind them and a wooden door frame just a few shades darker than their light brown fur to frame the scene.

I’ve mentioned my love of this species here many times before.

Unlike dogs, they never need to be taken outside for walks.  They can get all of the exercise and mental stimulation they need inside your home if you provide them enough playtime and enrichment activities. This would be a nice bonus when the weather outside is frightful.

They tend to be quiet, albeit sometimes mischievous, creatures. I like how independent they can be, especially since they generally do best with at least one other rabbit around for companionship. There’s nothing like watching two or more rabbits play together or try to eat the same piece of hay. I’d have hours of entertainment from quietly observing them.

Rabbits are less likely to want to be petted than a dog would be, but it can still happen if you build a trusting relationship with them. I’m a peaceful and patient person, so we’d be a good match there as well.




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20 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Pets I Wish I Could Have

  1. I had a rabbit growing up…and loved him. Our youngest daughter had a pair of rabbits and they got into SO. MUCH. TROUBLE. I think we’ll stick with cats for the time being 🙂

  2. Aw, Lydia, it’s a shame about your allergies. I’m the same with cats. Dogs are the most loving creatures on the planet. All they do is love. I’ve also had rabbits and, while not as social as dogs, they’re also great pets.

  3. Firstborn has done some bunny-sitting for friends that were out of town. It was pretty cool. Bunny was very wary of the Strange Humans, but more than willing to roam around and then follow the lettuce back into his enclosure.

  4. Have you ever looked into a poodle mix (like a goldendoodle, cockapoo, etc)? They’re supposed to be hypoallergenic. Dogs are a ridiculous amount of work, though. I’ve had them nearly my whole life, but once the ones I have now are gone, I’m sticking to cats.

  5. Rabbits really are fun pets! But they chew on EVERYTHING. I hate that you’re so horribly allergic though. 🙁

  6. I feel for people who have allergies…and who live in places where they can’t keep pets outdoors, which I believe is better for all species involved anyway. This winter, as she officially enters middle age, my cat’s indicated that she’s sleeping more deeply and wants to come inside to sleep more often. I think that’s a wise choice for senior cats to make but, as a knitter, there’s no way I’d want to have young cats in the house with me all the time!

  7. Dixie Jackson

    We’ve always kept our doggy babies in pairs. It gives them someone to play with and help keep them occupied until it’s time to walk or play fetch. The only time they’ve been an only is when we lost one and it was a bit before we were ready to bring in a new sister or brother for them. I’m sorry about your allergies. I have a feeling you’d be a great mammal mom. 🙂

  8. I always wanted a rabbit, particularly a lopeared one. They’re gorgeous.

  9. Allergies suck. with cats, it’s weird which ones cause allergies. It’s not so breed specific the way dogs are. My sister, for example, is both allergic, but loves cats. When she got her recent cat, the shelter, let her sit in a separate room with the cat for an hour and a half to make sure she didn’t react.

    When I was a kid, we had a golden retriever – black lab mix and a chain-link fence. On the other side of the fence, our neighbors had a rabbit. I think it was Robert Frost who said good fences,make good neighbors, and this was totally true. We would let our dog out they would let their rabbit out, both would run to the fence and chase each other back-and-forth along the length of the fence. It was a wonderful friendship enabled by the fence.

    • I like these stories. How lovely.

      I didn’t realize different cats can cause different reactions. (Then again, I have have had very, very limited contact with them thanks to how bad my allergies are).

  10. Aw, I’m sorry you’ve got such bad allergies. I know how that can be, since I’m very allergic to cat and horses. I also discovered that I’m allergic to ferrets after getting one, which was really upsetting. Luckily, my dogs don’t bother my allergies, because I cannot imagine living without a house full of them now.

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