Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Pets I’d Like to Have

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This week’s topic was “meet my pets.” I needed to tweak it a little in order to be able to participate because I’m allergic to most of the mammals that people commonly keep as pets. My place is also too small to add anyone else to it. Therefore, I’ll be talking about pets I’d have if there were no such thing as allergies and I had the space for one or more little, or not-so-little, friends.

A tan baby rabbit sitting in someone's palm Rabbits. They’re quiet, small, and can be perfectly content as a 100% indoor pet.  I also think they’re adorable, especially when they’re binkying (jumping for joy).

Cats. I like how self-sufficient they are in general. An affectionate cat would be great, but I’d leave it up to them to decide if or when petting and cuddling would happen. From what I’ve heard, it’s best to let feline friends set the tone of your relationship as far as that goes.

Dogs. They’re loyal, and many of them are quite joyful creatures as well. I’d prefer to have a fenced-in yard if I had a dog so he or she could go safely run around outside whenever they wished. Although it would also be nice to have a reason to take long daily walks with them if I didn’t have a yard!

(Non-Venomous) Snakes. I had an amazing elementary school teacher who kept all sorts of reptiles in his classroom. The snakes were my favourite creatures to quietly watch, and I’ve retained an interest in them to this day. Their behaviour is so different from warm-blooded animals. It’s almost like meeting an alien or something.

A llama eating grass while her baby stands next to her. Llamas or Alpacas. Okay, so this one would require me to own a farm or something.

There were some fascinating llamas that I liked to visit at a local zoo before 2020 happened. They have such ornery expressions on their faces! I also enjoy seeing how gentle they are with their big, furry babies.

This is a stock photo, but it’ll give you an idea of just how lovely those moments are.

Someday I’ll go visit the llamas of Toronto again.


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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Pets I’d Like to Have

  1. It stinks when you can’t have them due to allergies. Fortunately, we’re able to and we have the room. I wish you could, but that’s a great list of ‘wish i had’ critters. 🙂

  2. Great list of possible pets. Love the idea of having a llama!

  3. Those all look like fun. (Unless the llamas decide to revolt and begin the Alpacalypse.) We’re down to just the one dog now, but I do kind of miss having cats.

  4. Aw, alpacas!

    I really feel for people with allergies like yours. Pets are such a joy. And reptiles are a good choice. My daughter got no end of enjoyment out of her bearded dragon. He was a character.

    My kitties

  5. I love alpacas too! We have a small alpaca farm down the street from us, and I love watching them.

  6. I’m sorry about your allergies. All the animals on your list are lovely. When I was in grammar school, I had a friend who had a pet snake. It was an interesting pet!

  7. I have had rabbits, cats and dogs. I agree about snakes. It’s also unnerving that when you put one around your shoulders it feels warm when it’s on, but it’s secretly stealing all your body heat, so as soon as it’s removed it feels like there’s an icy patch where it was lying. Super creepy but kind of fascinating! There were llamas on a farm near where I grew up and I used to think they were the oddest creatures! Something about the huge eyes always made me feel like I couldn’t look away if one was watching me! I feel you on the allergy thing. I have recently developed a lot of sensitivities, and I suspect my cats are an issue. Their fur is EVERYWHERE and no matter what I do, I’m constantly finding it in things (including my eyes – not something I knew even happened until it did, over and over and over again!). I’m sorry you can’t have a furry pet!

    • Someday I want to experience that with a snake! That sounds very interesting.

      I hope you figure out your sensitivities soon. How frustrating!

      And thanks for your sympathy. 🙂

  8. I would love a llama or alpaca. That would give a burglar something to think about.

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