Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Recent Topics I’ve Googled

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Cartoon character holding a magnifying glass and peering through itI love this topic! Here are some things I’ve recently googled and why I looked them up online.

Do pigeons recognize individual humans? 

As you all know, I like to say good morning or good evening to the pigeons who live in my neighbourhood when I pass by them.

I sometimes wonder if they recognize the friendly human who greets them so often.

Yes, it turns out they can recognize individuals.

Isn’t that neat?


Signs of a migraine attack

Best ice pack for migraine 

I’ve had occasional but horrid headaches for years. It was during a conversation with a relative who has the same issue recently that I realized my headaches might actually be migraines.

This is something I plan to discuss in detail with my family doctor the next time I have a checkup. In the meantime, I’ve been researching steps I can take to help reduce their frequency, predict when they’re about to happen, and numb the pain without opioids.

(This is in no way a judgement of people who need them, by the way. I’m simply cautious about taking any new medications for a laundry list of reasons that would derail the purpose of this post).


How did Victorians make ice cream?

On a more cheerful note, I recently watched a long video called How the Victorians Made Their Exquisite Ice Cream and was curious to learn more about the process as well as what flavours were popular in the 1800s. Imagine spending 5 hours making cucumber ice cream! I think I’ll stick to mint chocolate chip, but kudos to previous generations for trying everything under the sun.


Is Harry Potter cheugy? 

I learned about this teen/Generation Z slang term from a recent comedic music video.

Cheugy refers to things that are off-trend and out of date. Some sites say that owning Harry Potter merchandise and/or being too into the franchise in general is cheugy now because that’s only for “old” folks. I can’t stop giggling at that idea.




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24 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Recent Topics I’ve Googled

  1. That’s really cool about the pigeons. 😃 I had no idea. I’ve been more interested in birds lately.

  2. Finches drop lots of seeds off our feeders and the ground gets covered in pigeons. They all fly off at the least little disturbance, but come back.

  3. I’m with you re: meds. If you need them, then by all means, take them and make yourself healthy. But if I don’t personally need them, I’m going to do what I can to avoid taking them.

    Once, in an Italian restaurant, I was served basil gelato and it was probably the best I’d ever had. Odd choice for a flavor, but it was delicious.

    I’m laughing with you at the Harry Potter thing, too, simply because my 21-year-old daughter as well as my 46-year-old BFF are both obsessed. *shrugs*

    My post

    • I’m glad you get that.

      Basil gelato, eh? I never would have thought to make that. It’s awesome that you enjoyed it so much.

      I’m glad your daughter and BFF love Harry Potter. 😀

  4. I’ve never heard of cheugy! Ugly word just from the sound…

    Some of the things I can REMEMBER searching for:
    “Windows fails to boot monitor flashes RGB colors” (troubleshooting a failed all-in-one at work)
    “America’s Other Army” (checking to see if it was on sale)
    “story differences male Shephard female Shephard” (Mass Effect thing)
    “Captain’s oath” (looking for book cover)
    “define: rheumatic”

  5. I had no idea about Harry Potter not being au curant any longer, but I learned something.

  6. Thanks for coming by and thanks for all the neat pieces of trivia…. I guess I’m cheugy too. And, I love watching birds, but had to stop putting out feeders because I have a cat who is a mighty hunter.

    • You’re welcome! We can be cheugy together. Haha. 🙂

      I giggled at that story about your cat. I’m glad you’re protecting the local birds from him/her.

  7. I started getting migraines for the first time as I went through menopause: massive pain, dizziness, light sensitivity, nausea. Awful stuff. I used Aleve and caffeine and it typically worked. Good luck!

    Also birds are remarkable. I used to have feeders up (finally stopped–got tired of fighting the bears that live behind us) and watching the woodpeckers teach their babies to use the suet feeder was fascinating (and amusing — the babies didn’t have great aim flying and the suet feed is a pretty small target. They’d miss often than not when they first started trying to use it).

    • Sorry to hear you deal with them, too!

      Yeah, the combination of caffeine and painkillers works nicely.

      The woodpeckers in your yard sound cool. I’ve never seen a baby woodpecker before!

  8. I’m pretty sure I’m cheugy myself, but I can take some small comfort in the knowledge that spellcheck doesn’t even recognize the term — so now I’m at least more current that that. Victorian ice cream sounds like a fun reading project, and I had no idea that pigeons can recognize individual humans. (Puts them one up on me, some days…)

  9. Cucumber ice cream? I supposed I’d have to try it before making a proper judgement, but it doesn’t sound great. Then again, garlic ice cream wasn’t as bad as it sounds, so maybe there’s hope for the cucumber.

    • Wow, I’d never even heard of garlic ice cream. It’s fascinating that you liked it. Maybe cucumber ice cream would be good, too, then!

  10. What a fun idea for a post!

    Cucumber ice cream actually sounds interesting. It would make for an interesting gelato or sorbet….. I’d try it!

    Headaches are awful. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Cee

    …Why would pigeons *not* be able to tell people apart? XD <3

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