Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Someplace I’d Love to Visit Someday

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So here’s the thing: I dislike travelling.

Therefore, I’m going to add a mild science fiction spin to this week’s prompt and pretend like Long and Short Reviews has figured out a way to make Star Trek transporter technology an option for those of us who would rather skip the cramped seats, germs, long hours of sitting still, noisy fellow passengers, and anxiety-inducing security guards that are currently necessary for most forms of international travel.

A photo of a side view of a puffin’s head. The puffin is standing next to some yellow flowers and looking ahead at something we the viewers cannot see. If I could hop into a transporter and instantly be sent anywhere, I’d pick Iceland and Tanzania.

Why? Well, Iceland has a cool, mild climate which I generally prefer to hot, humid ones. I find it easier to warm up than to cool down, and I have some medical reasons to limit my exposure to sunlight as well.

Iceland also has a lot of beautiful natural areas to hike through and explore. Imagine the amazing photos you could take and all of the adventures that could be had while walking through those areas.

Best of all, it has puffins!

I would never touch a puffin, of course, but I also wouldn’t complain if one found me interesting and walked over to get a closer view of me. They’re such fascinating little creatures.


Three adult wildebeests standing on a grassy plain and looking ahead the viewer. The grass is dry and yellow, and the wildebeests brown boasts are shining in the sunlight. Tanzania would be another cool place to visit once I’d made sure I still had my sun hat and plenty of sunscreen to keep my dermatologist happy. (Ha!)

I’d go to Serengeti National Park in January or February during calving season to hopefully see a lot of adorable newborn wildebeests and whatever other animals might be wandering around there.

Lions and giraffes would be neat to see in person, but I’d keep an open mind and be happy with whatever I found there.

I’ve heard there are some nice hiking trails in Tanzania as well, so obviously I’d have to check out one of them for myself.

And, of course, trying the local cuisine would also be high on my to-do list for both countries. With all of that walking and exploring, I’d be bound to build up quite the appetite.


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13 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Someplace I’d Love to Visit Someday

  1. Iceland looks beautiful. I’d love to visit there, too.

  2. Both wonderful places to visit.

  3. Oh, yes! I definitely agree that I’m not a fan of traveling itself. Haha.

    And Iceland, I can’t believe I’d forgotten to list that one. It’s also been a place I’ve been fascinated with for years. Can’t say as I’ve ever considered traveling to Tanzania. But after seeing your reasons, I can definitely see why it would be a great destination as well!

  4. I did a guest post about Icelandic food once. It seems an interesting split among delicacies imported from the rest of the world, icky-sounding recipes invented during famine, and excellent, hardy, healthy cold-water fish and local veg. I like the idea that Iceland exists…and it’d be fun to see how those stunning blond school friends have held up over the years! But I don’t fly, either.

  5. Star Trek teleportation option for travel would definitely be nice. I feel like this is something Elon would try to develop.


  6. I would also like to visit Iceland, and love the idea of a transporter. Luckily we have puffins not far from us at Bempton Cliffs.

  7. I wish the Star Trek transporter was a thing! It would make me much more interested in travel. Iceland is certainly on my list of places to go. So is Ireland. I’d also like to spend a lot more time in England, Scotland, and Wales than I have (5 trips, but none in the last 20 years.) We did get to see puffins on our last trip, but not close up.

    Other places I would go if travel was easy and money were no object: New Zealand; the Swiss Alps; Austria and maybe parts of Germany; and maybe a tour through parts of Italy and Greece that I have wanted to see — Florence and Venice (briefly), but also more rural areas, and some of the Greek islands. To be honest, while I love touring museums and historic sites and going to the theater, I’m not much for cities otherwise. I’d rather explore the countryside, both villages and wilder areas.

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