Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: The Most Romantic Movie Ever

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I should warn you all that I don’t read or watch many romantic stories, so this answer might be a little off the beaten path. I like romances about characters who respect each other’s boundaries, have realistic expectations of their romantic partners, and  know how to take no for an answer. From what I recall, this tale did a pretty good job at all of those things.

Film poster for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Image on poster shows Jim Carrey looking worridly up at a scene of him and his love interest lying on cracked ice in a pond. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a 2004 sci-fi romance film about man who agreed to have his painful memories of his ex-girlfriend permanently erased.

In order for that to happen, he had to briefly relive all of the memories that included her beginning with the newest and most difficult ones. He was asleep during this process and has no way to communicate with the scientists who were erasing his memories.

As they worked backwards in time and he remembered happier moments with her, he changed his mind about this process.

I loved the plot just as much as I did the chemistry between the two main characters. They’d had more than their fair share of hard days together, but they’d also had some wonderful experiences as a couple.

It was cool to see a film acknowledge that most relationships generally aren’t 100% harmful or 100% helpful. (I’m not talking about toxic relationships here, just ordinary ones that might go through rough patches).

There are many shades of grey between those two extremes, and it isn’t always easy to know where the line is between a relationship that should end for the sake of everyone involved in it versus one that could be salvaged if both partners are willing to work at it.

The ending was immensely satisfying as well, although I won’t spoil it for anyone who has yet to check this film out.

Whether you’re single, in a longterm relationship, or somewhere in-between, I’d recommend this film to everyone as Valentine’s Day approaches.


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18 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: The Most Romantic Movie Ever

  1. A very good choice. Sounds like a good Valentine movie.

  2. I LOVE this movie. It’s quirky and fun, but also tortured and deep. Great choice (I added it in my post, too).

  3. I really, really need to see this film. I also love when books or movies portray relationships as they really are with all the ups and downs included. I’m happy you talked about this film though because I really need to put it on my “to watch” list.

  4. Wonderful choice. I’ll have to check that book out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Never saw it but after reading this, it moves to the top of my to be watched pile. Thanks.

  6. That sounds like a really interesting movie!

  7. Apologies for being so late on this — have had a bit of family drama this week. I’ve never see this movie, but had heard about it. I wasn’t sure I’d like it (I’m a pretty conventional “romance” movie person), but might have to give it a try. Both actors are quite talented, so I’ll have to have faith they can pull it off!

  8. Ah yes, I’ve been meaning to watch this one.

  9. Hello Lydia!
    Finally I dare to write you back (I need to practice my english, hahaha)
    I’ve never see this movie, OMG!! Thank you for the idea, sounds interesting! 😆

    • It’s nice to hear from you, A. Turquoise! I hope you enjoy this movie. It was a very good one.

      Your English is good, by the way! I need to practice my Spanish. 🙂

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