Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things I Wish I Were Better At

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I wish I were better at:

  • Singing.
  • Cooking and baking fancy, restaurant-quality food. I’m decent at throwing together a regular meal or dessert, but I’d love to amaze someone someday.
  • Making a great first impression. (I have a bit of social anxiety).
  • Keeping conversations going with people I don’t know.
  • Navigating unfamiliar areas. My sense of direction isn’t the best if I don’t have familiar streets or landmarks to guide me.
  • How to repair appliances, vehicles, furniture, toilets, etc. when they stop working.
  • Knowing when people are flirting with me.*

*I generally mistake flirtation for platonic friendliness. Thank goodness I fell in love with someone who was completely straightforward about his romantic interest in me. That was exactly the communication style I needed.


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34 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things I Wish I Were Better At

  1. Thanks for coming by! I hear you about sense of direction… my husband is helping with that, but I still don’t feel all that confident. Thank goodness for Google Maps and Waze, that’s all I’m saying!

  2. A good list to work on, always good to know your limitations too.

  3. Sydney Winward

    Oh, I wish I knew how to repair stuff as well. When something breaks I’m like… Whelp. Guess it will stay broken.

  4. I have zero sense of direction. In fact, often when I am SURE something is a particular direction, I’ll go the opposite because I’m never wrong. God bless GPS! I used to use Thomas Guides ( religiously.

    You have a lot of really practical things here… I concur with most of them!

  5. Mary Morgan

    My hubby is always amazed at my sense of direction. I’ve always been able to navigate by the position of the sun and stars. Sounds crazy, but it’s helped us a couple times when we got lost along trails in the woods. Great post, Lydia!

  6. Great list! I can totally agree with you on the singing and the flirting. My voice is not the greatest and unless you’re very straight forward with me it will go over my head entirely. As much as I dislike cooking, it’s an art form that I have also not mastered ♡

  7. Interesting topic, and I can absolutely relate to your list! Singing, making a good first impression, and keeping conversations going would be on my list too. (I’ve given up on cooking!)

  8. Interesting post. I can relate to a couple. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine.

  9. I wish I were better at making conversation and not sounding like I’m chattering to fill space. Lol. I get the social anxiety.

  10. “Thank goodness I fell in love with someone who was completely straightforward about his romantic interest in me.”

    This is actually one of my favorite things about being married to Beautiful Woman: there is no such thing as an unspoken expectation. ‘Cause, yeah, I don’t read subtext well in social interactions.

    On the topic of cooking, mine has improved significantly since we started getting one of those ready-to-cook meal services. (Home Chef, I think, is the one we use.) Just being able see that, oh, if you cook this like that, it comes out tasting like this has been amazingly helpful.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. I really enjoy baking too, but I’m not the best at decorating!

  12. Appliance repair is a brilliant goal! It didn’t even occur to me. Luckily that’s been handled for me for the past few years or it would need to get on my list.

  13. I suggested once to a friend who also wanted to cook something fancier to approach the chef at her favorite restaurant for a private lesson to learn how to make one great dish. I’ve found at private owned small restaurants, they’re generally friendly and open to things like that, particularly if you’re a regular. It’d be worth a try and a lot of fun! 🙂

  14. Totally with you on the making a good first impression. I think I’m a dud at that too which is not helpful when I’m doing events. Sigh.

  15. Ah yes, cooking. I can manage a roast dinner, but that’s about it.

  16. RS

    Great list. I totally agree on wishing for better skill with repairing things. Sure, it’s something you can learn, but it’s not necessarily easy and it does take time. I’m very much in awe of people who cultivate these talents.

    I always thought I was terrible at navigation, and to be fair I get turned around constantly, but I am also surprisingly good at navigating myself back out of my mistakes. My low point was getting so lost I ended up 30 miles from home the first year I had my driver’s license, thunderstorm on the horizon, calling my dad in a crying panic with less than 15 minutes left on my cell phone. That taught me to pay attention to my surroundings pretty quick! My stubborn refusal to get a smart phone until 2015 helped, though I must say, Google Maps w/ the voice navigation is one of the greatest things ever invented.

    • Yes, Google Maps with voice navigation is amazing.

      How long did it take your dad to help you navigate your way home? Doing it in a thunderstorm must have only made it more nerve-wracking!

  17. There’s plenty of stuff I can improve on too, Lydia. Most importantly learning to stick to plan.
    Love what you said about your husband ‘getting’ you. I can absolutely relate to that. I love that there was no game-playing when I met my husband. I can’t do it and thankfully he didn’t feel the need for it either.

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