Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: TV Shows I Binge Watch(ed)

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Generally, I prefer not to binge-watch shows. It’s easier for me to enjoy them when I take at least a few days between episodes, especially for shows that can be repetitive at times.

These are the exceptions to this preference of mine. Two are shows I finished ages ago, and the final one is something I recently started watching.

Logo for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Show Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Why I Binge-Watched It: Just because vampires (or monsters, or teenage girls) behave a certain way in other universes doesn’t mean they’ll follow those rules in this universe. I loved the risks Joss Whedon took with the plots twists in this series.

Logo for 30 Rock


Show: 30 Rock

Why I Binge-Watched It: The zany ensemble cast was hilarious. This show was set backstage on a fictional version of Saturday Night Life. It featured everyone from celebrities (both real and fictional) to the various long-suffering employees there who try to appease all sorts of ridiculous requests from their guests and sometimes coworkers as well.  I loved all of the funny references to previous storylines and guest stars they included later on.


Logo for The Simpsons.

Show Title: The Simpsons

Why I Binge-Watch It: A little while ago, I started watching The Simpsons from the beginning since I only ever saw random episodes of it when I was growing up. It’s 90% brain candy and 10% astute observations about western society. That’s the perfect combination of factors to make me want to see more than one episode a day.  The early seasons have held up well, too, if any of you are curious about watching or rewatching them!


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28 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: TV Shows I Binge Watch(ed)

  1. I loved Buffy! I also enjoyed Angel. I have to admit, I did hate when those two didn’t get together. But the story lines were really neat.

  2. I admire your self-control! I am never able to stop “bingeing” on shows, so I have to make sure I start at a sensible hour. I keep telling myself to watch Buffy, everyone likes it so much. And while I didn’t binge on Simpsons or 30Rock, I can totally see their charm.
    Glad to see you outside of the TTT meme as well 🙂

  3. I never got into Buffy. I don’t know why, but I didn’t. Hmm. I guess I’ll have to rectify it eventually.

  4. I have the complete set of Buffy and have yet to watch it past the second season. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I have to drag out DVDs and it’s just easier to put on something from youtube if I’m in the rare mood to watch something.

    I don’t watch a lot of show these days for want of time, but back when I had corona and was quarantined for three weeks, I binge-watched:
    – Star Trek TNG, Star Trek DS9, ST VOY
    – Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul
    – The Office & Parks and Rec

    Whenever I watch Firefly, I watch it by the disc — 4 episodes at a time.

    • I hope you didn’t have any longterm side effects from Covid-19!

      I’ve seen the first couple of seasons of Parks and Rec. It was pretty funny! I should finish it sometime.

      And, yeah, I tend to default to Youtube these days, too.

      • As far as covid goes, my experience was very mild. No side effects to my knowledge aside from increased contempt for being stuck at home.

        Definitely continue with Parks and Rec! It gets really good after Rob Lowe and Adam Scott’s characters become part of the main cast.

        • I’m glad your Covid experience was so mild. It’s interesting to see how much it varies from one person to the next. My mom has what are probably permanent health issues from it, but some folks don’t have any symptoms at all!

          And I will continue on with Parks and Rec for sure. You’ve piqued my curiosity.

  5. I’m a huge fan of animated shows (my younger girl and I watch a ton of anime) but I have loved The Simpsons since day 1. Haven’t watched it in years though. Haven’t ever watched 30 Rock or Buffy, despite my love of vampires.

  6. I missed Buffy when it was first out and all the rage. Tried watching it more recently, and it was just too campy and cheesy (I feel much the same about old 80s shows I used to love). I remember when The Simpsons was a minute long sketch on the Tracy Ulman Show. Because I’m old. 🙂

  7. Great list. I don’t if I could binge Buffy though. I need a break from monsters. 🙂

  8. I’ve never seen Buffy!!!

  9. Huh. I’m completely with you on Buffy, but I’ve never seen The Simpsons in any sort of chronological order. I know plenty of people who love 30 Rock, but I’ve never seen it at all. Thanks for dropping by yesterday!

  10. I can’t believe I forgot Buffy!!!!!! Good call!

  11. I did like Buffy, and also The Simpsons. Haven’t seen either for ages.

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