Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Most Romantic Memory

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s Top Ten Tuesday post, I am not a very romantic person. For example, my wonderful spouse and I have been together for going on 15 years now, yet we have never once celebrated Valentine’s Day. It’s simply not a holiday that appeals to either of us.

So you might not be surprised to hear that my most romantic memory has nothing to do with chocolates, jewelry, roses, or whispering sweet nothings into anyone’s ears.

Instead, it’s about wisdom teeth and what happens after you’ve had all four of them extracted in the same surgery. Let’s just say that I was swollen, in pain, dreaming about bizarre things, and loopy from the medications I’d been prescribed for the recovery process. At one point, I was convinced that I’d just seen a terse news broadcast about how Canada had stolen Alaska from the United States and refused to give it back again.

So along with typical, post-surgical tasks like making sure I took my pills at the right time and had soft food to eat until the stitches in my mouth could be removed, my spouse got to have what must have been a pretty funny conversation with me about how our country would definitely be returning Alaska to the Americans. I was not convinced at first that our government was going to be willing to do that, but he reassured me that all would be well in North America the next time I woke up. And it was.

The rest of my memories from those first few days after that surgery are pretty hazy. As soon as the latest dose of medicine finally kicked in, I’d slip in and out of sleep for hours. When the meds started wearing off and the pain grew stronger, I’d wake up enough to eat or drink something. At one point, I do remember being spoon-fed applesauce. It was more delicious than any applesauce I’ve had before or since then. I was so grateful to not have to do complicated stuff like hold the spoon or guide it into my mouth without spilling.

Falling in love is amazing, but long term relationships are about so much more than the butterflies you feel in the beginning. I think it’s a beautiful, romantic thing when people take good care of their spouses/life partners every day of the year, especially when it involves eating applesauce and convincing Canada to give up her thieving ways. 😉

How about all of you?


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14 Responses to Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Most Romantic Memory

  1. true love means caring for someone IN SICKESS and IN HEALTH!!! Bravo to your spouse for being such a caring person!!! that, is truly, romantic!

  2. I had all of my wisdom teeth out at one shot, too. I don’t recall being so loopy, but then again, it was 15 yrs ago lol!
    I’m glad you were taken care of. That’s wonderful.

    • Thank you. Yes, my spouse did a great job looking after me.

      That’s the only surgery I’ve ever had, so I have nothing to compare it to. I’m glad your recovery was easier!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Lydia. We obviously have the same values about this sort of thing too.

  4. Love your story about Canada and Alaska…. isn’t it funny how anesthesia works on people? Your husband sounds like a keeper for sure. Bob nursed me through a bad case of the flu a few years ago. Took a week off work to stay home with me (no room in the hospital that year). Thanks for coming by!

    • You’re welcome. Anesthesia definitely is a funny thing sometimes. It affects everyone a little differently.

      I hope you recovered from that flu without any longterm health effects.

  5. HAHAHAHA … of all the things to dream up. I’m still laughing. My kid has her wisdom teeth out and remembers NOTHING of the 2 – 3 hours following, including the snapchat she sent to everyone of her extracted teeth (yes, she kept them). In retrospect, I probably should have taken her phone away…

    It’s interesting how all the posts today aren’t about roses or diamonds or grand gestures. I’m thinking there a whole lot of folks out there who should take note of this.

    • I’m glad you liked that story!

      I giggled at your story about your daughter sending snapchats of her extracted wisdom teeth. Too funny.

      And, yes, I totally agree with your last point.

  6. Berthold Gambrel

    What a great story! I love it.

  7. I can remember being loopy after wisdom teeth extraction and insisting there was a goblin in the wardrobe. I consider it quite sweet that my husband got up and checked.

    Great story!

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