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That’s (Not) Just the Way It Is

That’s just the way s/he is. This [organization, group, charity, etc] has always operated like that. You’ll get used to it. Time for another rant. ūüėČ Well, that’s just the way it is¬†isn’t an excuse. It isn’t even a real answer. And that’s just the way it is so easily slouches into¬†I can’t do anything… Read More

Mailbag #1

Anonymous asks: I’m negative. How do I fix it? Hello!¬†Thanks for your question. As you didn’t provide any other details here are a few things to consider for the next few minutes: Are you otherwise coping with life ok? Negative thinking can be a symptom of depression, among other illnesses. I’m not a doctor (and… Read More

What Really Helps Stress

Earlier this week an article popped up on my RSS feed about two studies done on the link between crying and stress relief and cursing and stress relief. The first study found that crying does not relieve stress. The second study found that reading a list of curse words was more stressful for the subjects… Read More

How to Avoid Emotion Dumps

Last week this blog had a series of search engine hits on what to do when other people dump their emotions onto you. I’ve seen this type of behaviour take many forms: extreme anxiety, anger, passive-aggressive comments. A few thoughts on preventing emotion dumps: Mark a Line in The Sand. There is definitely something to… Read More

Destination: Confirmation Bias

Today’s topic: Confirmation bias. Drew and I have moved back to Ontario and are temporarily living with family while we look for a new apartment. One relative is well-versed in common things that could kill you, from e-coli on produce to traffic accidents, skin cancer to home burglaries. There are several news programs and talk… Read More

Preventing Burnout

Abby at New Urban Habitat recently shared an excellent post on recovering from burnout. Today I’ll take the conversation a step further: why are you burned out? what can we do to prevent it from happening again? Have you taken on (or been assigned) too many responsibilities? Are you in a profession that is a… Read More

Dealing with Negative People

Recently I came across a¬†chart describing what to do when other people dump their negative emotions on you. I adore it. It isn’t easy to know how to respond to consistent negativity. After a while the warnings and the gooey layer of fear lurking behind them amalgamate into something similar to what would happen if… Read More

9 Ways to Recharge Your Energy

Labels are tricky things.¬†They can quickly communicate an identity or complicated set of ideas in a word or phrase. They can also box us into roles that only sometimes actually fit. Today let’s talk about some alternative ways to recharge personal energy for people who usually do so by spending time alone. If I was… Read More