I’ll Tell You About My Drafts Folder If You’ll Tell Me About Yours

Robot fingers gently touching human fingersEdited in August 2020 to include links to finished posts. 

It’s been a long time since this blog published a lighthearted writing post, so let’s change that.  Lately, I’ve been gently poking my drafts folder and trying to decide which posts in there, if any, are ready to finish and share with the world.

On a related note, finding an appropriate stock image photo for this post was tricky. It turns out that there is not a lot of demand out there for picture of draft folders!

I’d like to think that if draft posts literally had hands, they’d have five digits just like people do. Yes, I anthropomorphize everything. It makes life more interesting, and also gives me a better reason for using a photo of a robot and a human gently touching each other’s fingers.

But before I get too off track here, let’s talk about draft folders. Most of the time, I have half a dozen or so finished posts sitting in the queue waiting to be published. I also have dozens more posts in various stages of completion. Some of them might consist of a couple of words thrown into my list of ideas. Others have grown large enough to warrant a draft post in the backend of my blog.

Not everything on my ideas list becomes a post, story, or book, but their chances of being written into their final form jumps once I create a draft post for them. This can happen because I need to publish that post at a specific time of the year, or finish reading a book for it (in the case of reviews or recommendations), or have some other experience that would enrich my words.

I thought it would be entertaining to give all of you a peek into my drafts folder for my blog. There are fourteen posts there in various stages of completion or contemplation.


1. Title: What It Means to be Human: A Review of Chesya Burke’s “Let’s Play White”

Publication Date: September 5

Why: Earlier this year, Apex Magazine asked for volunteers to participate in a huge blogging bash that’s happening in September. I chose to review this book as my contribution to that bash.


2. Title: Autumn Worlds I’d Like to Visit

Publication Date: September 23

Why: This is the final part of a short series of posts I’ve done on books that remind me of specific seasons. It feels right to wait until autumn has officially began to publish it.


3. Title: Characters I’d Never Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner

Publication Date: October 14

Why: The idea for this post came from reading my search engine log. I thought it would be great for Thanksgiving (which happens in October in Canada).


4. Title: Mindfulness and Difficult People

Publication Date: December 2

Why: It’s a great topic, but I think it would have an even bigger impact during a time of the year when some of us may be spending time with folks we may not normally associate with.


5. Title: Fitness and the Holidays

Publication Date: December 16 (tentative)

Why: This is one of those ideas I’ve been playing around with for years. Maybe 2019 will be the year I actually publish it? Every December, I take a two week blogging break. I generally write lighthearted roundup or similar posts well ahead of time for that break, so you’ll see a lot of entries from late December and early January on today’s list.


6. Title: Search Engine Questions from 2019

Publication Date: December 26

Why: I need to wait until as late as possible in the year in order to make this post as funny and as accurate as possible.


7. Title: My 20 Most Popular Posts of 2019

Publication Date: December 30

Why: Obviously, this is a post I can’t put together or publish until the end of the year.


8. Title: What I Read in 2019

Publication Date: January 2, 2020.

Why: It’s not January yet. Unless someone has a crystal ball, I don’t see how I can write a post about what I’ve read ahead of time.

9. Title: 5 Places You Should Visit on a Trip to Ontario for Canada Day

Publication Date: Unknown.

Why: As I was writing it, I realized that my answers were very Toronto-based because I spend so little time outside of my city. I think I need more experience visiting other parts of this province before I can say for sure where everyone should go.


10. Title: Modern Classics Series (tentative title)

Publication Date: Unknown.

Why: Eventually, I hope to start recommending science fiction and fantasy books written in the last 20 years that I believe will be considered classics in the future. I need to do a lot more reading before beginning this series, though!

11. Title: 3 Benefits of Taking a Yoga Class

Publication Date: Unknown.

Why: Earlier this week, I had originally planned on taking a yoga class and then blogging about it. I woke up with a sore, spasming muscle that morning and decided it was better to rest my body and try again at a different time. Maybe someday you’ll see this post go live!


12. Title: How to Find Your Way Home in Minecraft

Publication Date: Unknown

Why: I’m an intermediate Minecraft player, so I’m still deciding if the Internet needs another post about how to get un-lost in that game.


13. Title: Mindfulness Exercises for a Bad Mood

Publication Date: August 3, 2020

Why: People keep finding my blog with phrases like this one. Eventually, I do hope to write a full post about it once I’ve tried enough exercises.

14. Title: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Harry Potter Characters and Socks

Publication Date: September 2

Why: I’ve gotten multiple hits on my blog about Harry Potter characters wearing socks, Harry Potter characters who won’t wear socks, socks that feature Harry Potter characters, fuzzy socks, hand-knit socks, and just about any other sock-related query you can think of that so much as glances in the direction of the Potterverse. I am so tempted to write a full-length post on this topic. Would you write it?


Okay, you’ve seen my long list of drafts. I’m editing this post to include links to other people’s draft lists as they share them with me.

Patrick Prescott’s Work on Hold.


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17 Responses to I’ll Tell You About My Drafts Folder If You’ll Tell Me About Yours

  1. Wow lots of good ideas, in time they’ll be out there.

  2. When I read the title, I thought you meant draft folder for WiPs 🙂
    Wow! I’m in awe of your planning process. I know I should make more of an effort in planning my blog posts but, lately, I find the spontaneous, winging-it style (so unlike me!) seems to be working. And, here’s where I jinx myself! *lol* Much as I wish I could, I can’t share my draft folder as mine is embarrassingly empty.
    Looking forward to reading your posts, as always, interesting stuff!

  3. Tammy

    What’s a WIP?

  4. Oh my. Um… I currently have 35 draft blog posts and 21 scheduled blog posts. 😀

    Most of mine are part of one blog series or another. For example, I have several drafts or scheduled Top Ten Tuesday posts: one per week from now through the end of October. I also have posts on my Goodreads TBR Declutter, and I keep a monthly reading “wrap-up” draft post so that I can track the books I’ve read as the month goes along.

    But I also have a draft “2020 Mid-Year Freak-Out Tag” post, because I don’t want to forget about it when next June comes around.

  5. If there was a world with perpetual autumn, I’d live there in a heartbeat. Looking forward to you’re Not Invited to Thanksgiving post. I have a feeling that’s going to be fun and funny!

  6. My Wip file is gathering dust. Maybe this will get me back in the saddle. I’ll list some of the ideas on my blog.

  7. I’ll confess that I have very few drafts and I typically end up deleting them if I don’t write the posts soon enough because I end up feeling uninspired. I’m impressed that you have so many! And I say, go for the HP sock post. Why not?

  8. I love that you anthropomorphize things. xD Shame that more people don’t take stock photos of their drafts folder. I mean, what could be more sexy? 😛

    I love this post! This is such a cute idea, and I love seeing what you’ve got sort of cooking. Mindfulness and Difficult People sounds so apropos for the holidays. Family, am I right? xD I LOVE search engine posts! Can’t wait to see what sorts of wonky things you’ve got. Having watched my husband and offspring play Minecraft (I don’t play myself) I can 100% confirm that people need all the help they can get with getting unlost. OMG NOW YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE HP SOCKS POST. Because I must know. It’s clearly a burning question, and your audience is demanding answers! 😛

    • Heh, thanks.

      I will totally write that HP socks post at some point. Maybe soon, or maybe I’ll save it for my December break? I’ll write the Mindfulness and Difficult People and Minecraft posts, too. You’ve convinced me. 🙂

      How many posts do you have in your drafts folder at the moment?

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