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Mailbag #3

Anonymous asks: How do you respond to a friend who is asking for prayers?  Hi, Anonymous. Thank you for writing to me. Say, “you’ll be in my thoughts” if it’s at all socially possible for you to skirt around the issue for the time being. Most of time people don’t request prayers for happy, stress-free… Read More

Finding Community as a Nontheist

The best part about growing up as a preacher’s kid: community. Healthy churches can offer unconditional acceptance, warm friendships with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and as many free or inexpensive social events as you care to squeeze into your free time. When I de-converted I missed these instant connections more than anything else.… Read More

Life after Faith: Now What?

My process of de-converting from Christianity in one word: gradual. The earliest hairline doubts cracked through around puberty. I tried re-evaluating what I believed and living with the tension of beliefs that harmed more than they helped. Each patch seemed to work for a few years. And then one day I’d come back and find only the… Read More

How Skeptical is Too Skeptical?

A conversation in the comment section of last Thursday’s post brought this question up in a round-about way: At what point does skepticism go too far? I’ve wondered about this before in passing but have been brainstorming about it more intently over the weekend. Any set of beliefs (ethical, moral, religious, political) can be taken… Read More

Non-Theistic Morality

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” —  Steven Weinberg Last week I blogged about a sermon series about the problem of pain and how Bruxy Cavey approaches this question. During his second podcast… Read More

God and Explaining Suffering

Last month I listened to the podcast of a sermon series about the problem of pain called My God Why? in which head pastor of The Meeting House, Bruxy Cavey, attempts to answer the question: Why would a loving God allow there to be so much suffering in the world? Bruxy’s first sermon on this topic… Read More