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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Scariest Real Life Ghost Story

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Blurry black-and-white photo of a ghostly-white woman wearing a long-sleeved dress and wearing her black hair half over her face. Unless you count the loud footsteps that sometimes rumble up and down my in-laws stairs (but that are probably just coming from a noisy neighbour in the other home in their duplex), I have never seen or interacted with a ghost.

With that being said, my father had a frightening and bizarre experience one night while sleeping at my grandfather’s home about thirty years ago.

This home was built by my grandfather on land that has been in our family for generations. There have been no sudden deaths, acts of violence, or any other tragedies in that house or on that land for as long as anyone in the family can recall. It’s a peaceful place, and yet the story of the black-eyed woman still happened.

Dad was sleeping in bed next to mom when he felt the bed gently shake as someone sat on it in the middle of the night. He awoke to see his wife sitting on the end of the bed staring at him.

It took him a minute to remember that mom did not have black eyes. That is to say, the eyes of the woman looking him did not have pupils, irises, or sclera. They were coal black from beginning to end. She otherwise looked exactly like his wife.

He looked over to the side and saw his actual wife sleeping quietly beside him, so he reached forward to swat the black-eyed stranger away. His hand couldn’t touch anything solid where she sat, and yet she was still there looking at him.

”Get out in the name of Jesus!” He said to the black-eyed woman. She disappeared like a mist.

He was not able to fall back asleep again that night.

Let’s add a few more pieces of information to the mystery:

1) During that time, my parents were trying to decide whether to make some life-changing career decisions that would make it much easier for them to pay the bills and even save a little bit of money for the future. Saying yes to those opportunities would also increase their stress and decrease the amount of time they had for anything other than work and finishing college (for my mom) and mean our family would need to move a few thousand miles away from where we lived at the time.

2) My father has seasonal allergies that required him to take allergy medicine before bed in order to be decongested enough to sleep. He is also known to be someone who occasionally has trouble transitioning from sleeping to being fully alert, especially if he’s interrupted during deep sleep.

3) They belonged to a denomination that worried about evil spirits and demons more than many other faiths and denominations do. Avoiding and casting out these spirits were common topics of conversation in our social circles.

So this could have been a hypnogogic hallucination. That is to say, a hallucination that took place while his brain was still in the process of waking up. These types of hallucinations can include seeing, feeling, and hearing things that are not actually there because your mind is still dreaming at that time. They are not dangerous, just a quirk of the human mind.

On the other hand, my mother has a sibling who had night terrors and incidents of sleep walking when he slept in that room as a kid. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe not.

No one else has seen the black-eyed woman at my grandparents’ home to the best of my knowledge, but this is the scariest real-life (possible?) ghost story I know. I will leave it up to all of you decide if you’d rather believe it was a spirit, a mental process that can be explained by our current understanding of psychology and neurology, or something else entirely.

Happy (almost) Halloween!


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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A Real Life Event That No One Would Believe

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews.

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An empty city street that has warm sunlight streaming down onto it and the brick wall of a building on it.

This isn’t our street, but it evokes the same emotions as you’d find there.

This story happened about five years ago when my spouse and I were walking down the street on a warm, sunny day on our way home. We were as alone as people could be on a busy city street when the weather is nice and everyone is out and about.

Suddenly, I felt and heard something hit my right forearm. (It didn’t hurt, but it was a surprise). My spouse heard and felt it, too. It may have brushed between us and bumped both of our arms, but neither of us could see anything on the ground below us even after searching diligently.

“That was weird,” we said as we proceeded to go home.

The last few minutes of our walk were ordinary. After we’d arrived home, removed our shoes, and washed our hands, we heard something scuttling on the walls.

I’m being precise when I choose that word. It sounded like an agile little mouse clicking sharp nails against the wall as it climbed up and down it impossibly quickly. Our heads both moved in the same direction as we followed the sound up and down over the wall and then over to the door where it made a scratching sound on the door like it wanted out. It was eerie.

”Do you want to get out again?” my spouse asked it.  There was more scuttling on the walls while he opened the front door.

“We didn’t mean to bring you home with us,” he said. “You’re free to go.” The scuttling sound rapidly moved around wall around the door as if it was leaving, and it was gone.

Let’s eliminate some possible explanations for what happened:

No, neither of us were under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other mind-altering substances. We don’t imbibe the latter at all.  I used to enjoy a glass or two of wine once every few years, but I now have medical reasons to avoid it entirely.

There were a few other people on the street that day who were half a block away, but even if one of them had thrown something at us I can’t imagine what invisible item or creature that scurries up walls and can probably fit into someone’s pocket realistically exists in our world.

Yes, we sometimes hear sounds from other apartments when people move furniture or drop things, but these sounds were very clearly coming from inside of our apartment only a few feet away from where we were standing.  I could hear the sound of individual little nails on its paws (talon? hand?)  tapping against the wall as it ran around looking for an exit.


So that is my odd little story. If anyone has a rational explanation for it, I’d love to hear it. I sure haven’t been able to figure it out. I have it tagged as a Real Life Ghost Story simply because I wasn’t sure how else to classify it.


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