Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Social Media Platform and Why

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Man looking up at a glowing red heart that has the number 0 next to it. Instagram is my favourite social media platform for the following reasons:

1) My Instagram account is private and cozy.  (I am totally open to accepting new friend requests there! I simply like having one place on the Internet where I can do stuff like share photos of my family or talk about trips I’ve taken without sharing too much information with total strangers).

2) It’s quieter. Most of the folks I follow there do not share daily updates, so I can scroll through everything in just a few moments while still keeping up with the lives of family and friends.

3) I love seeing how creatively people share visual snapshots of their lives, especially moments that can be tricky to capture like living with a chronic illness, showing gratitude, taking care of all of the regular stuff we all must do each week, or anticipating something exciting that’s yet to happen.

4) It’s cheerful.  This is probably due in part to all of the wonderful people I follow there, but most of their updates make me smile. I like using a social media platform that boosts my mood.

5) I like seeing photos of other people’s meals, pets, kids, hobbies, and other ordinary but meaningful moments in their lives. It helps me feel connected to folks that live far away, and it gives me some easy conversation starters for when we see each other again.



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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Social Media Platform and Why

  1. Never tried it, but glad you like it.

  2. Instagram is my 2nd favorite! I do use it for my Blog, I never had a personal Instagram. My pick is Facebook!

  3. I’ve never experimented with Instagram, but that does sound very appealing.

  4. I have an instagram account… I need to do more with it. Thanks for the nudge.

  5. I always forget about my Instagram – it is my redheaded step child when it comes to social media.

  6. I definitely appreciate your reasons for preferring Instagram. It’s the only social media app I have installed on my phone, though I use the other ones on my computer after work.

  7. I like facebook to keep up with my family and friends, and I use Instagram for my blog and books.

  8. I do like Instagram, mainly for photos of my cats.

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