Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Things to Do in the Autumn

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Autumn is a beautiful season in Ontario. You can spend hours outdoors without worrying about sunburns or frostbite, so most of my answers will reflect the benefits of taking advantage of such mild weather.

The Word on the Street Festival. This is an annual Toronto festival about literature that features local and well as international authors and publishing houses. It covers every genre and age group you can imagine, and everyone is welcomed. Of course, it was virtual this year due to Covid-19, but the food there was amazing in the past. They had cuisine from many different cultures, and the portions were so generous at many stalls you could easily buy one meal and split it with another adult if you wanted to.

A bush whose leaves are beginning to change from green to redPhotography.ย I’ve mentioned my interest in this hobby in previous Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge posts. Autumn is the perfect time of year to play around with this, especially when I’m photographing the marvellous autumn landscape.

Stocking Up on Treats. Every store that sells food will have some candy that’s dairy-free, but it’s always fun to visit specialty shops and, before this pandemic happened, various food fairs/festivals to stock up on fancy vegan chocolate and other hard-to-find treats that are safe for my milk allergy before winter hits. (I get the winter blues, so having small things like this to look forward every X number of weeks helps my mental health).

Nature Walks. Autumn is my last hurrah for long nature walks until spring, so I spend as much time as I can outdoors before (this part of) the world freezes and everything is coated in ice and snow.

Nuit Blanche. This is an outdoor, overnight, free art show in Toronto that features the work of (mostly) local artists. You can find everything there: robotics, concerts, dances, interactive art displays, live theatre, light shows, and so much more. One year the city was even “attacked” by zombies. (Nobody was actually harmed. My spouse and I saw dozens of folks dressed as zombies who were roaming around and groaning dramatically every so often). I’m officially inviting all of you to come check it out online on between 7 pm on October 3 and 7 am on October 4 if you enjoy this sort of stuff. The programming is wildly different every year, so I can’t even begin to guess what they’ll have this time!


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  1. I like to photograph the one bridge around here because it’s surrounded by foliage and has a creek beneath. I love to take photos of it as the seasons pass to see how it changes. I’ll bet you find some great things to photograph there in Ontario. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post!

  2. I also spend a lot of time outdoors in fall. Summers are too hot, and winters are too snowy. And, of course I stock up on chocolate. I need that stuff to get me through the winter.

  3. Mary Morgan

    Oh, The Word on the Street Festival sounds fabulous, Lydia! Enjoyed your post. Now I’m off to go wander in nature. Our skies have cleared in my part of California, and it’s a cool, crisp morning.

  4. Sounds like there are some wonderful autumn events in your area! We usually like to meet up with friends and go to a neighboring town’s wine crawl and beer crawl in the autumn (the wine one is usually around now, and the beer one is very close to Halloween) but with the pandemic that’s obviously not happening this year.

  5. Someday when the husband gets to retire, we plan to do a whole lot of camping in places we’ve never been to. I don’t even have a passport, so I’ll need to get one, but I’d love to do some camping up in Canada!

    Your festivals sound like fun. A last hurrah before the snow makes you all stay home? Unless you enjoy outdoor sports in snow. Husband bought us snow shoes last winter, but we never had enough snow to use them! We’re hopeful for this year.

  6. Oh yes, driving around and taking pictures of the aspens and cottonwoods in yellow. Such a beautiful time of year.

  7. So many cool festivals there! I’m looking forward to the leaves changing. I hope we have more vibrant colors than last year.

  8. I love the autumn season. And there’s something about festival food when you find good ones!

  9. Sounds like there are some great events near you. There aren’t really any here even when we’re not in lockdown. I’m with you on the photography though – my husband loves it.

  10. I’m also trying to cram in as much outdoor as I can. It doesn’t get awfully cold for very long where I live in Romania, but it does get wet and unpleasant. I can already see lockdown getting harder on me when I can’t have my laptop outside to work anymore

  11. I love photographing sunsets and sunrises. It seems to bring me peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

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