Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Goals for 2023

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This is one of my favourite annual prompts for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge.

Two stick figures are standing on a line that’s supposed to represent a hill. One character is walking down the hill towards a white portion of the page where there is a sign that has “2022” written on it. The other character is looking up towards a sign that says “2023” and walking up the hill on the yellow portion of the image. Out of my goals for 2022, I succeeded at practicing Spanish every single day and finding a better treatment regiment for my migraines.

I made a few new online friends but none in person due to trying to avoid Covid germs.

I lost a small amount of weight and spent a decent amount of time outside even if I didn’t do all of the hiking and nature walks I hoped for. (My health made it hard to exercise and eat the way I hoped to some days or even weeks, but my fingers are crossed that this year will be easier now that I’m having fewer migraines and know more about my triggers for them).

Meditation was a total bust for me last year.

So I’m going to recycle a few of these goals for 2023.

I would like to:


  • Spend more time socializing with people in person as safe opportunities for that arise.  Hopefully, this will lead to a new friendship or two, but meeting new folks in general would be fabulous as well.


  • Meditate for five minutes every day.


  • Try a new restaurant or type of food every month. I don’t go out to eat much in general, but I tend to visit the same spots every time when I do eat food I haven’t made. It’s time to give my tastebuds a workout.


  • Develop a conversational understanding of Spanish. This past year of studying it has taught me to recognize a lot of common words and even understand the gist of some sentences or brief conversations, but I don’t yet know enough to have a full, long, or detailed conversation in it. Maybe 2023 will be the year I take the leap into speaking and understanding it in real time without having to look up so many words?


  • Join a walking or hiking club, maybe? This would tie into some of my 2022 goals about spending more time hiking and going on nature walks as well as my current goal of meeting new likeminded people.


  • Improve my graphic design and SEO skills. I know my local library offers free courses on those topics, so I’ll probably start there.


Let’s see how it goes.


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29 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Goals for 2023

  1. I need to try and socialise more, I have become a right hermit since lockdown, but it’s so hard coming up with ideas of what to do. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Excellent goals. I think Covid might have affected everyone’s social skills 😄

  3. Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a wonderful New Years! I’m liking the idea of trying a new food each month… adding that to my goals. What are you using for your Spanish studies? I’m enjoying DuoLingo.

    • You’re welcome. Happy New Year to you as well!

      I’m using Duolingo. Isn’t it great?

      I’m also hoping to start watching Spanish (or Spanish/English combination) tv shows and movies soon. If you hear of any good ones, please let me know. I’ll do the same thing for you if you wish.

  4. Meeting people is important, I think. For the most part we, as humans, need that kind of interaction (I think about “Castaway” where he created company in Wilson). When I moved to a new state a year ago, one of the first things I did was join some “Meet friends in your area” groups on Facebook. I haven’t made any close friends yet, but I have met several really neat ladies that I get with every couple of months. Good luck to you!

    Glad to hear, too, that you’re feeling better. 🙂

  5. Great goals that are all attainable! I’ve been working on learning Spanish, too, mainly because I live in a community with a high Hispanic/Latino community. It’s a real help to be able to hear it spoken around me conversationally so you get a better feel for it.

    Good luck with these!

  6. I like your goal to socialize more. My wife suffered from migraines. Since she retired and is not under the stress of work they’ve lessened.

  7. These sound like some great goals! I need to find/make a schedule that works for me with studying a language as well.

  8. Those are wonderful goals. I want to hike/walk more in 2023 as well.

  9. I’m very much in sympathy with that entire set of goals. I scaled back on Duolingo and then stopped it entirely when I started writing more, but I’d like to get back into it again. Exercise and other sorts of self-care are top of my list, too. Good luck!

  10. Hi Ms. Lydia! It’s wonderful to be back in the Weekly Challenge. I love your goals! I am horrible at socializing; I was one of those who was okay during the lockdown. I can be very happy in my place for long periods of time. I just need my ability to get online, and that is mostly where I chat.

  11. I’ve taken the challenge! Don’t know if I’ll have regular Internet access all year, but I *finally* went back and put the link into the post. (Working nights is affecting my memory–may have to stop.)

  12. Jen

    I’ve been working to regain the Spanish fluency I had in high school. Never should have stopped speaking it; I am irritated with Past Jen. 😉

    • I’m glad you’re studying Spanish again. Wow, your high school classes must have been good ones. I took it in high school, too, but didn’t learn enough to be fluent by any means.

  13. I love the idea of trying new foods every month. Good luck with your goals!

  14. I agree on the new restaurants and foods. I love trying new restaurants.

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