Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Reasons I Love Being a Blogger and Reader

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I’ll give a few answers to both of these questions.

Reasons I Love Being a Blogger:

1) It sharpens my mind.

2) It helps me remember when certain things happen. For example, I will sometimes look back through my archives to recall when I read a certain book or which year something from my personal life that I blogged about happened.

3) It has introduced me to so many delightful people over the years.

4) It gives me empathy for typos in books, newspaper articles, tweets, and other places. Editing is important, but I also understand why the occasional mistake might slip through unnoticed when you’ve read the same piece multiple times and can practically recite it in your sleep.


Reasons I Love Being a Reader:

The arm of a person with pale skin is holding an opened hardcover book up against a blue sky that has a few fluffy white clouds sailing through it. 1) It has taught me so much about our world that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned, from the customs of other cultures to what life was like for people who lived in a specific century, with a certain illness, etc.

2) It provides safe fodder for small talk.  I love seeing people’s faces brighten up when we realize we both loved the same book, author, or genre.

3) It’s a fantastic distraction when I’m sick, injured, waiting in a long line, travelling on an airplane or train, or recovering from a migraine.

4) It’s an inexpensive form of entertainment that doesn’t require electricity or an Internet connection. E-readers are awesome, but you can also throw a paperback or two in your suitcase and have plenty to do if the power goes out during a stormy day on your vacation.


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12 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Reasons I Love Being a Blogger and Reader

  1. You’ve got all of that right.

  2. Ah, Lydia, I love what you said about smalltalk. I agree it’s wonderful when you realise you’ve both read the same book. I’ve had many of those conversations, and sometimes they’ve led to great book recommendations.

  3. The ability to be completely entertained without electricity or an internet connection should never be underestimated!

  4. I spent a bit of time this past weekend looking back on my Sunday Salon posts where I not only write about books but also about my life. I agree that it helps me stay sharp and it helps me remember events and timelines. Thanks for your concise answer.

  5. I love your reasons for both. I didn’t even think about my blog being like a timeline and giving me reminders.

  6. I use my blog to keep track of events, too! Good reasons for both things 🙂

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