Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Song Lyrics I’ve Misheard

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A close-up of a sheet of music on a music stand. The stand is next to a window that is covered by horizontal blinds.

This isn’t the sheet music to my answer. It’s simply a nice thing to look at.

I thought this topic was going to be an easy one, but it almost stumped me. Only one answer came to mind.

Artists and Song: Lloyd Feat. Lil Wayne, I Want You

What I Heard: “She’s 5’2,” but I want you.”

The Actual Lyric: “She’s fine, too, but I want you.”

I spent years wondering why height matters at all to these rappers. I don’t notice a meaningful difference between someone who is 5’2” versus an inch shorter or taller than that unless I have some compelling reason to pay close attention their height.

It feels weird to publish such a short post, but this one can help to balance out some of my earlier Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge posts where I gave long, chatty answers because I simply had to give two or more responses when only one was technically called for. Ha!


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20 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Song Lyrics I’ve Misheard

  1. Haha! It’s an easy mistake to make! 🤣

  2. You made me get an earworm … an OLD song you’ve likely never heard of:

    “…five foot two, eyes of blue, oh what those five feet could do…”

  3. Same as Marianne….. I loved that song, because I AM “five foot two, eyes of blue”… lol

  4. kingmidget

    My best one of these is ZZ Top’s song Nationwide. For years (decades really), I thought the line was “I’m bad. I’m Asian White.” I only learned that it was “I’m bad. I’m nationwide.” when I saw the title of the song on my car radio a couple of years ago.

  5. It’s not exactly a misheard lyric, since I heard the correct song lyrics when listening to Elton John sing it, but one of my partner’s favorite lines to sing wrong when the song comes on the radio is “Hold me closer, Tony Danza” (instead of “tiny dancer”). 😉

  6. Some questions just have short answers!

  7. As a 5’2 (1/2!) person, I mean if they’re over 6 foot it can be tricky but there’s nothing wrong with us short folk LOL That mishearing made me laugh, and I love that you even kept trying to work out what was wrong with being 5’2 😀

  8. This is a fun topic! I recently looked up the words to Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road to Elton John and was shocked to find out that they weren’t at all what I’d always thought they were. Plows? Horny-backed toads? That’s not what I was hearing at all! LOL.


  9. This was playing the first time I went to a nightclub, aged 17 years.

    It says ‘I howl and I whine, I’m after you’
    I heard ‘I’m on the wine, I’m after you!’

    Not that I was preoccupied with drinking at the time, or anything.

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