The 2020 Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Topics Have Been Released

List of Writing Prompts for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge.

Happy New Year! Long and Short Reviews has released the list of topics for their second year of Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge posts. There isn’t a topic for today, but I will be participating in it again beginning next week.

If you can’t read the graphic above, here is the list of prompts and the dates they’ve been scheduled for. Everyone is welcome to join in!


8 – My Goals for 2020

15 –  Books I Can’t Wait to Read in 2020

22 – New Hobby I’m Trying (or would like to try)

29 – Best Book/Movie/TV Couples



5 – My Celebrity Crushes

12 – Books I Reread or Want to Reread

19 –  Types of Exercise I Enjoy

26 – My Favourite Memory and Why



4 –  Characters Who Remind Me of Myself and Why

11 – One Skill I Wish I Had But Don’t 

18 –  The Weirdest Thing I Learned Reading Fiction 

25 – Favourite Things to Do in the Spring



1 –  Favourite Book Series and Why

8 – Topic(s) I Could Give an Impromptu Speech On

15 –  Characters I’d Invite to a Dinner Party

22 –  My Silliest Pet Peeve

29 – Reasons Why I stopped Reading a Series I Loved



6 – Favourite Holiday of the Year and Why

13 – A Villain That I Wish Could Be Redeemed and Why

20 – How I’d Fare in a Zombie Apocalypse

27 – Books Set in My City or State



3 – Things I Wish I Were Better At

10 –  Favourite Poems, Short Stories, or Novellas

17 – My Life in Photos or Gifs

24 – My “go to” Book or Movie for a Pick-Me-Up



1 – The Last Place I Traveled to and Why

8 –  A Project or Hobby of Mine Inspired By a Book

15 – Things I Collect

22 –  Character Names in a Book I Can’t Pronounce

29 – Stuff on My Bucket List



5 – My Favourite Tropes of X Genre

12 – What I Wanted to Do When I Grew Up vs. What I Do

19 – Favourite Book or Movies Quotes (and Why)

26 – The Strangest Thing(s) I’ve Eaten



2 – Topics That Make Me Stop Reading a Book

9 – Topics I Never Get Tired of Talking About

16 – Books with the Most Words I Had to Look Up

23 – Favourite Things to Do in the Autumn

30 –  The Non-Fiction Book Everyone Should Read and Why



7 – Recipes From My City/State/Country

14 – Re-reading Books: Why or Why Not? 

21 – My Earliest Memory 

28 – How I Decide What to Read Next



4 – Favourite Songs or Musicians

11 – Movies That Were Better Than the Books

18 –  Funniest Things That Have Happened To Me

25 – Recipes from Fiction Books That I Want to Try



2 – An Average Day in My Life

9 – A Profession From a Book I’d Love to Try

16 – Books That Would Make Great Gifts


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12 Responses to The 2020 Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Topics Have Been Released

  1. What a wonderful list. I will hopefully be able to dip into this from time to time. With my move, I somehow have lost my reading routine, so this will hopefully be an incentive to start a new one.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, Lydia. Looks like an interesting list. Good to get a peek at what’s coming up.

  3. Looks like a fun list! I look forward to reading your posts this year. 🙂

  4. Yay!! Thank you for this list. Looks like a good one. It’ll be fun to see what you post.

  5. Hallo, Hallo Lydia,

    I am considering participating in this post challenge as I looked over the topics and felt some will be more challenging than others to blog about and others will be quite fun and whimsical to address. I’ve been looking for a post challenge I might enjoy this year and this seems to be the one! 🙂 I’ll have to see what alights on my blog today and how I tackle the first topic… thanks for sharing a link to this post and to the announcement as it was such a cleverly timed surprise!!

    Also, I love how they are set to go live on Wednesdays — even though I have a plan for Wednesdays on my blog, this could run under that idea, too.

    In gratitude,..

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