Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: New Hobby I’m Trying

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Photography is my newest hobby. I picked it up last spring and have been dabbling in it ever since. January isn’t the best month for spending a lot of time outdoors taking pictures in Ontario, so I’ll share a few pictures I snapped last year when the weather was warmer.

Branch leaned up against a tree. The branch is covered in red leaves and propped up by twigs. Each one of the three arms of the branch is surrounded by red leaves. The red leaves are surrounded by yellow leaves.

This was a piece of environmental art I discovered at a local park last autumn. It was absolutely gorgeous! I only wish I knew who made it so I could credit them and thank them for creating it.

A winding path through a patch of autumn grass.

I liked the way this path provided a natural focal point for my photograph. The next time I shoot it, I’ll play around with how I frame the shot some more.

Painting of a robot's head. The head is filled with a geometric design that has all pieces connected by intersecting lines.

Toronto is filled with street art. Some of it is commissioned by the city, and other pieces just seem to randomly spring up. I think this might have been a commissioned piece. Either way, I like it.


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  1. Ash

    I LOVE photography! I’ve been doing it since I was about 11 years old, but I don’t have a good camera anymore, and I miss it.
    These photos are gorgeous, you have a real eye for it.

    Ash @ JennReneeRead

  2. Lovely 🙂 The first one reminds me of something a character in a fairy land (or somewhere like that) might encounter. I started dabbling in photography a couple of years ago, and I’ve recently started trying to get back to it and work on improving.

  3. My kid is an artist and is taking a photography class this semester. It’s funny how I’ll take a picture of something and think, wow this looks so amazing! And then SHE takes one with her artist’s eye and it looks a million times better and more interesting. I hope you enjoy growing as a photographer. Post pix here! We’ll want to watch as you grow. 🙂

  4. I love taking pictures and have framed several I’ve taken. I’m also taking pictures now with an eye towards painting them. The ones on my post are all scenes I’ve done in Paint and Sip parties…. they are fun! Thanks for coming by.

  5. Photography has always been a mystery to me, but I use a very outdated phone that doesn’t take photos well. I have a new one on the way so I’ll have to find a new excuse for my terrible photos! Haha!

    I think it’s a fabulous hobby to explore and I love the photos you’ve shared here.

  6. Very nice! And this is a great hobby, too. My husband loved to take photos and so does my younger girl. Looks like it’s in the DNA. LOL

    My post!

  7. Nice shots! I played around with photography a bit when I was younger, but it’s been a long time since I really did anything with it.

  8. I wish I was better with photography. It either works or it doesn’t for me. Good luck!

  9. I’ve always liked when “ugly things” are made beautiful. We need hydro boxes and poles and that sort of thing, but why not make them nice to look at? I’ve seen cities who have each one as differently decorated, and some that have a leaf pattern on them to help them blend in. I think both ideas are great and just help make everything a little happier.

  10. My father was a photographer and had a dark room. Even set one up in his middle school classroom and sponsored the school club. I learned to appreciate great photography and inherited a lot of his pictures. My mother burned all his nudes, shucks. I’ve stuck to taking family pictures.

  11. Lovely photos, Lydia.
    Photography is a wonderful hobby, and so much more accessible now thanks to digital cameras. We can take as many piccies as we like to get things right. When my other half expressed an interest I bought him a book called “Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll”. It’s really good.

  12. Great photos! My husband is a photographer, I love looking at photos of where you’ve been, what you’ve done and when. They can tell such a wonderful story. Great Hobby. Here’s mine.

  13. Such beautiful shots! I love to take pictures too. Mine aren’t nearly as nice. Thanks for sharing! I joined the challenge today!

  14. How fun! And what gorgeous shots!

  15. I love the environmental art one… a LOT! Do you post your photos on Instagram?

  16. Photography is so fun! I used to love taking pictures and capturing beauty. What an awesome new hobby!

  17. A friend of mine has gotten into photography in recent years in a big way. She now does year long challenges (not unlike LASR’s blog challenge) trying to capture a specific image or effect. Her shots have become spectacular. The highlight of my day is seeing her new shots. Good luck to you with your photography. It’s a fabulous hobby.

  18. I do just enough photography *not* to want to do it as a hobby, but I have to say you’ve gathered some lovely pictures there (and my own misgivings aside, it’s perfectly enjoyable and interesting pastime with sometimes lovely results, with the additional bonus that it can be as simple or as complex as you care to make it). Here’s to trying new things!

  19. Those are lovely, especially the first one.

  20. Someone went to a lot of effort to separate all those leaves into colours. How fun that you got a photo of it!

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