Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Non-Bookish Hobbies

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A row of black dumbbells lined up neatly and orderly on a white floor. The wall behind them is white as well. I’ve answered similar questions here in the past, so some of this may be a repeat for those of you who have read my blog for a while.

My non-bookish hobbies include:

1) Weightlifting

It’s one of my favourite forms of exercise.

2) Practicing Spanish

Now I can speak like a fluent toddler! Hehe. Pronunciation is tough, though, so I need to keep working on stuff like rolling my r’s and remembering which letters are generally silent or pronounced differently in Spanish.


3) Long, Rambling Walks

I will begin them with a general destination in mind like park X, or beach Y, or neighbourhood Z and then see what’s interesting there today.

One day that might mean walking up and down the beach until my legs are worn out by the sand. The next walk might involve browsing in all sorts of cool little shops along the way in a certain neighbourhood or it trying out a new trail at a park that I haven’t fully explored yet.

Some walks are brisk, athletic, and involve hills. Others are more like meandering strolls that aren’t exercise-y at all. I love all of them.


4) Card Games

Fast-paced card games like Dutch Blitz as well as calmer ones like Uno are both fun. I need to find some folks here in Ontario to play with me.


5) Swimming

It’s not something I get to do very often, but I relish it when I do.


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14 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Non-Bookish Hobbies

  1. I love playing cards… wish we were closer! I’ll have to check out Dutch Blitz..that’s a new one on me. And… I have to get our pool in order… it’s a mess. I love to swim!

    • I’d totally play cards with you. Dutch Blitz is pretty simple to learn, but it moves fast!

      May you get lots of swimming time in this year.

  2. I love to swim. I’ve never thought of it as a hobby before, but I guess that’s exactly what it is! 🙂

  3. I also love Spanish! I took it in college but most of what I know came from my social circle – I lived with a group of guys from Latin America. This means I know the swear words better than regular words, ha! Pronunciation is tricky. I found the hardest the difference in rolling length between single and double Rs! And how at the beginning of a word an R sounds like a DR. But it’s such a beautiful and fun language!

  4. All good hobbies. Glad they keep you busy.

  5. I use to swim all the time when I lived in Florida and had a pool in my back yard. I also was in a lot better shape then. Heh. I try to use this as an excuse to get my husband to put one in our backyard but it is not working so far.

    One of our favorite card games to play is Phase 10.

  6. The year I rented a room in a house where Spanish was the official language, people laughed about my rolling the double R’s too long. “Just like the three-year-old does.”

    I like long ruminative walks,too!

  7. How much Spanish practice do you get per day? I use duolingo but it’s rare that I’m on it for more than five or ten minutes.

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