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What Do You Read When You’re On Vacation?

I arrived home from a relaxing, tropical vacation a few days ago. One of my personal earmarks of a good trip is what I got to read while I was away. Not only is it nice to get lost in a novel while you’re traveling to your destination, it’s also fun to have something to do during the inevitable… Read More

What I Read in 2016

I’ve been keeping track of every book I read for the last four years. Over half of the books I read were for a review site that I volunteer at under a pseudonym, so I omitted their titles from this post for privacy reasons. The number of books I read overall was somewhat smaller than usual.… Read More


Hello! I’m Lydia Schoch. I wanted to formally introduce this blog and website to everyone. The tabs at the top of this page will tell you about who I am as a person. They’ll also show you how to submit guest posts and where to find my books. Today’s post is about this site in general. What… Read More