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It’s Never Just Gossip

Originally posted on January 13, 2011. I haven’t been feeling well lately and am taking a short writing break while I recover. Let’s begin with a one-sentence working definition of gossip for the purpose of this post: saying or listening to information (true or otherwise) about someone that you wouldn’t feel comfortable participating in if… Read More

The World Beyond Your Cage

Two of my favourite cartoonists posted strips on the same topic on the same day recently. David Hayward had this to say about emotional cages. Nina Paley added her own twist: Both reminded me of an incident last week here in Toronto. A young squeegee kid and a middle-aged motorist allegedly got into a violent confrontation after… Read More

Enemies No Longer

I no longer want to be enemies with myself. This phrase captured my imagination as soon as I noticed it in the search logs for this blog. Why might someone have such inner turmoil? They have guilt, warranted or otherwise. They’re not comfortable in their own skin. “The face of the enemy frightens me only… Read More