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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Something I Collected as a Child

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I have one predictable and one unexpected answer for this week’s prompt.

The predictable answer: books. I had several relatives who would send new books to me as Christmas and birthday presents. Between those gifts and the libraries I visited, I was always lucky enough to have something good to read.

cupped hands holding soil and earthworms
This isn’t me, but you get the idea.

The unexpected answer: earthworms.

Yes, I’ll explain this one.

After my two pet hamsters lived out full, happy lives and went to hamster heaven, my mother repurposed their old glass cage into a container to grow a few plants. She placed it in my bedroom.

I was about nine or ten at this point and wondered how my plants would fare if they didn’t have any earthworms to aerate and enrich their soil.

This thought bubbled to the front of my mind again the next time I went outside after a storm and saw earthworms lying on the sidewalk. Worried they might drown, I picked a few up, brought them home, and put them into the soil where they’d be safe from predators, careless humans, or future thunderstorms.

This was something I continued to do every so often without thinking to tell my parents about my private collection of rescued earthworms.

When I was eleven, my family moved a few thousand miles away to a new home. One of the last things we did before we moved was dump out the soil and plants from that container into the backyard.

My perplexed (and maybe slightly horrified) mother saw dozens of earthworms wiggling their way free as we emptied out the soil. She asked why there were so many of them, so I told her. Mom was too stunned to reply at first.

I didn’t get in trouble, but she did gently tell me not to rescue any more earthworms in the future. Apparently, they can fare quite well for themselves if you leave them to their own devices.

I’d like to think I amused my parents! If nothing else, they had ample proof they’d raised a compassionate child.

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: 5 Best Places I’ve Visited

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A herd of bison walking on a plain

Place: Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

Why I Loved It: This isn’t my photo, but I remember being mesmerized by the herds of elk, buffalo, and other large animals when my family visited Yellowstone when I was a kid. It’s awe-inspiring to be that close to creatures you’d normally only see in photos or videos. This is a fantastic place to visit for people of all ages and ability levels. Two parents and three young children sitting on a large boulder at Vedauwoo National Park.


Place: Vedawoo National Park in Wyoming

Why I Loved It: Here’s an old photo of my parents, siblings, and me in Vedawoo when I was a child. It’s such a wonderful place to enjoy nature and spend time with people you care about. Someday I hope I’ll get to go back there and have another picnic and hike like we did so many times when I was little. Maybe it could even be a big extended family trip! My nephews would like running around in Vedawoo.


A small ship floating next to a gigantic wall of ice in Alaska
Photo credit: Jim Schoch

Place: Alaska

Why I Loved It: I’ve mentioned this Alaskan cruise my extended family took here before. The scenery in Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful both on water and on land. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and would love to explore the parts of it I didn’t have time for on my first trip there. There were more sights to see than there were hours in the day!

Lydia standing on Labadee Beach in Haiti

Place: Labadee Beach in Haiti

Why I Loved It: I love swimming and building sandcastles. Soaking up all of that warm sunshine feels great, too.  Labadee Beach was private beach in Haiti my spouse and I have visited on a few different winter cruises. It was warm, relaxing, and peaceful. As you can probably already guess, I’d love to go back here again someday as well. There’s something nice about returning to vacation spots you already know you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, my fingers are crossed that it might be okay to visit Toronto’s beaches this summer. We’ll have to see how this year goes.

I have no idea what to add for my fifth answer to this week’s prompt, so I’ll stop here. Prince Edward Island and Hawaii are still on my bucket list, so maybe I’ll be able to see them eventually!


Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Goals for 2021

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Due to the pandemic, I’m keeping my goals small, flexible, and open-ended this year. Right now Toronto is in lockdown due to our hospitals being overrun with patients suffering from life-threatening cases of Covid-19. Everyone has been ordered to avoid mixing with other households and to only leave home for essential purposes like grocery shopping or going to work (for those who can’t work from home).

Drawing of a person holding a thick lit candle in their opened, cupped palms.

I’m doing my best not to try to predict when the current vaccination efforts here will begin to reduce the pressure on our overwhelmed hospitals, much less when life will start to feel at all normal again.

These are the things I can control, so they’re the goals I’ve set for this year:

Meditate Daily. I meditated a few times a week in 2020 and am trying to make that part of my daily routine in 2021.

Exercise Daily. Not all of my workouts are strenuous by any means. Sometimes I simply go take a walk and enjoy the crisp, winter air! I notice both mental and physical health benefits from doing something active every single day, so I make a point of prioritizing it.

Look for the Good in the World. Honestly, I believe this habit is most important in times just like these. This doesn’t mean I ignore the difficult parts of life, only that I think humans sometimes need a little prodding to take note of what’s going well for them (or humanity in general).

Try New Things. Right now this must be limited to new recipes, TV shows, and movies, but I hope it will be safe to leave home and expand that list dramatically later on this year. Will I be able to take that dance class I wanted to try a year ago? Make new friends? Learn a new skill? End up with a job or volunteering gig as a result of saying yes to something I haven’t even heard of yet? The possibilities are endless, and I’m open to them all.

Finally, here is one final goal that is only somewhat under my control this year but still important to me:

Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19 . I’m in a low risk group for this illness, so it will be quite a while before there are enough vaccines for young, healthy folks like me. Still, I want to do my part to help end this pandemic for the sake of everyone who can’t be vaccinated and/or who is high risk for this illness.

The 2021 Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Topics

Happy New Year! Long and Short Reviews has released the list of topics for their second year of Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge posts. There isn’t a topic for today, but I will be participating in it again beginning next week.

If you’re having trouble reading the graphic above, scroll down for a transcription of it. Everyone is welcome to join in!


6 -My Goals for 2021

13 -5 Best Places I’ve Visited

20 – Something I Collected as a Child

27 -A Book/Movie/TV Show That Influenced My Life



3 – A Few of My Favourite Things

10 – Most Romantic Book or Movie Ever

17 – How I Take Care of My Health

24 -My Greatest Strength



3 – My Greatest Weakness

10 – Best Non-Book Gifts for Readers

17 – My Theme Song

24 – What My Last Meal Would Be 

31 – TV Shows I Binge Watch(ed)



7 – Books I Chose Based on the Cover or Title

14 – If I Won a Large Lottery Jackpot, I Would….

21 – Creative Outlets I Enjoy

28 – Favourite Outdoor/Nature Activities



5 – Fictional Characters I’d Love to Meet and Why

12 – My Favourite Indulgence 

19 – Recent Topics I’ve Googled

26 – My Fantasy Vacation




2 – My Favourite Book and How I’d Cast It for a Movie

9 – The Best Gift I Ever Received

16 – The Best Part of Each Season

23 – Saddest Book I’ve Ever Read

30 – A Person Who Inspires Me



7 – Best Biography or Auto-Biography

14 – Favorite Holiday (and a Recipe)

21 – 5 Items I Can’t Live Without

28 – TV Show/Movie/Book That Could Be About Me



4 – Meet My Pets

11 – My Bad Habits

18 – One Task I Wish I Never Had to Do Again

25 – Book I Wish They’d Make Into a Movie or TV Series



1 – The Best Dish I Cook (and Recipe)

8 – What I Do to Recharge

15 – Books to Include in a Time Capsule and Why

22 – What Makes Me LOL

29 – Something I Wish Someone Would Invent



6 – Required Reading in School – Yay! Or Nay?! Why?

13 – An Odd or Useless Talent

20 – Scariest Books I’ve Ever Read

27 – Favorite Halloween Treats



3 – Words to Live By 

10 – Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received

17 – Paperback, Ebook, or Audio?

24 – Traditional Thanksgiving Foods I Like (or Dislike)



1 – What Sparks My Creativity 

8 – What I Thought of Santa as a Kid

15 – Funniest Book I’ve Ever Read 

Graphic for the Wednesday Blogging Challenge. Image in graphic shows a laptop sitting on a wooden surface.

Let the blogging begin!

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Books That Would Make Great Gifts

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This final topic of the year was a little tricky for me because of how many different types of books and readers are out there. Some people love romance, while others think of themselves as the world’s biggest fans of the horror, mystery, or science fiction genres (among many others). There are also readers who joyfully jump around from one genre to the next!

My answers to this prompt are an attempt to recommend books that will appeal to as many sorts of people as possible.

Close-up image of pen resting on a sudoku puzzle

Sudoku, Crossword, Word Search and Other Puzzle Books

Puzzle books are such a broad category that the right selection of them can be found for nearly age group or ability level.

Blank Books

They can be used as diaries, bullet journals, sketchbooks, places to collect favourite poems, quotes, or cheerful messages from friends, and so much more.

Some are so small they can fit into the palm of your hand, while others are large enough to use as a sketchbook.

close-up photo of a colouring book for adults with coloured pencing resting on one of its opened pagesAdult Colouring Books

Colouring isn’t only for kids!

This is a wonderful, calming activity for winter or at other times when staying at home is your best bet.

The subject matter of them varies from floral garden patterns to Lord of the Rings pictures and everything inbetween.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Christmas presents wrapped in red, green, and brown paper and tied with twineIf you enjoyed the film version of this story, definitely do check out the book.

It’s written to appeal to everyone: kids, teens, adults, and senior citizens. Not many stories can say that!

A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver was one of those poets who know how to speak both to poetry fanatics as well as to those of us who generally aren’t interested in that genre.

Her work spoke about things that all humans experience, from grief to enjoying a quiet moment in nature to the relief of seeing the sun after a long, dark night.

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

No one is ever too old or too young for a story filled with puns, other types of wordplay, and literary jokes in general.


On one final note, it’s been a lot of fun participating in the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge in 2020. Thank you all for reading my responses to it and writing your own!

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